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October 2009


Editorial: Sharing the good news of our Savior in the Pacific Rim

This month marks the third October in a row that Ministry has featured a particular geographic region of the world field.


Interview: The Adventist Church in the Pacific Rim: An interview

The Seventh-day Adventist Church, in order to care for its worldwide mission, has 13 world administrative regions. Three of these regions-the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, and the South Pacific Division-encompass the territories of the Pacific Rim. The editors of Ministry interviewed the leaders of these three regions-Jairyong Lee, Alberto Gulfan, and Barry Oliver, respectively-who addressed a wide range of issues.


Crisis or opportunity? Adventist pastors speak on Creation stewardship

Should the Seventh-day Adventist Church advocate on behalf of Creation? Should other more pressing matters relating to faith, belief, and theology take priority? Should pastors or congregations be involved practically in matters of unresolved science?

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Reclaiming church identity in a whatever society

Though this "whatever" attitude can be problematic enough within society, it's now seen within churches.

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Another look at the back door

Is it a realistic expectation that we should be aware of the direction traveled by every member of our congregations?

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"Let it be so": The meaning and significance of the baptism of Jesus

The one Person who seemingly never needed to be baptized volunteered to be immersed. Why?

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Dateline: Dateline


  Adventist World Radio beams the gospel to millions in the Pacific Rim

Asia has the largest population in the world with the least number of people who have heard of the gospel. Radio is an important way to reach them.


  Meeting the challenges of life

Ministry will have its ups and downs. The life of Daniel may just be the model that gives us hope when we face challenges.




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