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December 2009


Editorial: Beyond the printed agenda

While sometimes the reports at Annual Council seem to be routine and not the most exciting, we still receive a blessing when we listen to what is transpiring in God's church around the world.


The challenge of meeting the needs of your church members

Pastoral ministry can be compared to parenthood, especially if you pastor more than one church.


Bring the mission to your Sabbath service

Without a weekly report to the local church of missionary activities both local and around the world, many of our new members and the younger generation do not catch the vision of a worldwide movement and a God who is at work all around us in the lives of the members.


"But what I have I give you"

A sermon based on Acts 3:1-6.


Justification: Historic journey from the Middle Ages through now

How have the views concerning this vital teaching changed over the centuries?


The critical role of pastors in Adventist education

Thirteen ways pastors can make a difference in their church schools.


What does the Bible say about dinosaurs?

Some years ago, after I had lectured to Adventist university students and young professionals, a pastor approached me and asked, "Could you please talk to my wife and convince her that dinosaurs really did exist?" This request was not a joke.


Book Review: A Life to Die For

A Life to Die For is a book that may, in time, become a classic akin to Scott Peck's The Road Less Traveled.


Dateline: Dateline




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