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February 2010


Editorial: The benefits of assimilation

Developing a sense of family in the body of Christ.


Interview: Interview with Planned Giving & Trust Services

Discussing what happens to family and assets after a person dies is not a favorite topic. But that discussion must take place.


Why Adventists need ADRA

The author shares seven reasons for needing this ministry.


The judgment: An Adventist perspective

What are some of the symbols and pictures through which the Scriptures describe the heavenly reality of judgment?


Spirit-driven leadership: A perspective from Ellen G. White

The issue of leadership is not limited to the world of politics, business, industry, and economy. The Christian church, with its worldwide mission and responsibility to develop men and women of character and endurance, also searches for leaders with vision and commitment. How are such leaders made?


Organized for purpose

An overview of how church structure developed to its present state.


Pastors' perspectives on assimilating new members - Part 1

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America has established a goal of 100,000 baptisms by the end of 2010. Other parts of the world also have goals for their territories. That goal raises the urgent question: are the local Adventist churches prepared to nurture and assimilate these new members?


Book Review: A Guide to Effective Pastoral Ministry

Ministerial advice from the top 20 ministers and professionals within the denomination.


Book Review: Valuing Age: Pastoral Ministry With Older People

An exploration of the aging process, and a look at the specific needs of the elderly.


Dateline: Dateline

Campaign to end violence against females.




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