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Editorial: A Message of Appreciation

A special message


Interview: "I will send a famine": An interview with Dr. Walter C. Kaiser Jr.

The whole program of the church-worship, preaching, and discipleship-must be thought through entirely.


The Beijing approach to church growth

Beijing congregations are growing even with limited resources. What are their secrets?


Faith in God: The secret of a fulfilled life

A young pastor reflects on her journey into ministry.


How to care for your voice: Eight practical suggestions for preachers

Are you taking care of the instrument God gave you to spread the gospel?


Answering Jesus' prayer

Jesus' prayer-"that all of you may be one"- is a mandate to all who belong to the body of Christ.


Effectively using media in ministry

How can we best use modern media to communicate the life-changing message of Jesus Christ?


Pastor for life

They say pastors resign on Monday morning. If you are a pastor and you preached one or two sermons over the weekend and ministered in a million ways to all who needed you, you probably know that after-the-glory blues feeling. Often the highs of the Sabbath are followed by the lows the next day. In your tired brain, you go through reruns of the myriad of incidents that crowded your demanding day. The elevated emotions of vigorous preaching took so much out of you that you know you will need a few days to recover from exhaustion...


enditnow today!

About one in three women worldwide will experience some form of abuse. Here are five tips for pastors on how to participate in the enditnow initiative.


Assessing and fulfilling the needs of a Hong Kong community

This church has found several ways of reaching its community. What has it learned that can benefit your community?


Assessment center for interns

Six exercises conducted during a retreat for pastoral interns stimulates consideration of their future career.


Will it work?

Three things to keep in mind for church evangelism-and three things to plan when the meetings conclude.


Field based, supervised theological education

What do employing organizations look for in pastors? Read what a team from Avondale College has found.


Beyond the usual pastoral duties: An interview with David and Freda Charles

Pastor and Mrs. Charles have a special ministry: providing foster care for children with special needs. Why are they doing it? Nikolaus Satelmajer & Willie E. Hucks


Waking up to spiritual discipline

Read what spiritual discipline did for one pastor, and what you can do to be revived as well.


From burned out to on fire for God

Through his time with God and faithful obedience to His command to give, one pastor began to taste and see how amazing it was to live a giving life-a life like Christ's.


Save your heart for Jesus (literally)

Have have you ever wondered about the connection between having a healthy heart and a good quality of life?


Book Review: The Pastoral Epistles: First Timothy, Second Timothy, Titus

A commentary on the so-called Pastoral Epistles.


Book Review: The Busy People's Bible Study Plan

A resource for carving out time for bible study


Dateline: Dateline


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