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January 2010


Editorial: Secure in the arms of God

As I write this editorial for the January 2010 issue, I find it difficult to imagine a new year at the doorstep. The challenges of 2009- financial, political, etc.-cause me to wonder what 2010 will convey. Will the uncertainties of 2009 carry over into the new year? Most likely they will, joined with the old ones.


Happy, healthy new year-exercise and diet

The Pastor and Health


The book of Revelation and reality

Though often seen as a book revealing the future, Revelation also should be read as a message that illumes the present.


The impact of justification by faith to the current Protestant and Catholic relationship

What is the one mission of the one Christ? If the mission is to proclaim salvation through the life and death of Jesus Christ, do Catholics and Protestants have the same mission?


The Church in the Fields- What they did right

There are thousands of churches that exude warmth, friendliness, love, and acceptance. Here is the story of one such church.


Does a sin gene exist?

Why does every descendant of Adam and Eve, except Jesus Christ, sin? Do we have an inherited factor that puts us at odds with God?


The ambassadorial assignment

A sermon from the president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to church leaders..


Pastoring in pain: Serving God when you suffer

A congregational pastor discusses what he has learned through his illness, although it appears that God has failed to answer his prayers for healing.


Book Review: Church Membership Directory (CMD) program

A computer program for congregational pastors


Book Review: The Gospel From Patmos: Everyday Insights for Living From the Last Book of the Bible

John's Apocalypse in devotional form.


Dateline: Dateline

News-worthy events around the Christian world.




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