Preparing the way

Why didn’t they just brush him off as another fanatic? Because they saw holiness in his life; they saw a living connection with God.

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The many faces of fundraising

As a fundraising professional, I have found that some Bible stories provide great insight into the principles of fundraising. One of the best examples is found in 1 Chronicles 29:1–17, where David outlines his donations to the building of the temple because "this palatial structure is not for man but for the Lord God."1

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Bible camps: Evangelism through intensive summer camps

These Bible camps, as described by the author, continue as an important role in the evangelistic cycle by the church in Finland.

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The ordinance of humility: Precursor to the Cross

We lose something precious when we no longer practice the ordinance of humility.

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To the ends of the earth

The command of Jesus, “to the ends of the earth,” impels His followers to an astonishing journey of action.

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Beyond Common Ground: Why Liberals and Conservatives Need Each Other

A review of Alden Thompson's call to unity and understanding.

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