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Media center leaders meet prominent Muslim figures in Jordan . . .

Media center leaders meet prominent Muslim figures in Jordan

Amman, Jordan—In an endeavor to meet Al Waad’s objective of being a Muslim friendly and respectful TV channel, in May 2011 a team of professionals from the media center went to Amman, Jordan. There, they met prominent Muslim figures in the Jordanian community. The four-day trip included visits to the Jordanian Supreme Court, the University of Islamic Studies, the Institute of Muslim-Christian Dialogue, and the Arab Bridge Institute for Human Rights.

“We had the unique privilege of dialoguing with our Muslim friends about ways to build bridges of trust and respect,” says Pastor Abed Dwais, an Adventist pastor in Jordan and the coordinator of the visit.

In a rapidly changing Middle East, the relationship between Christians and Muslims has been facing some tension in recent weeks. It was the duty of Al Waad to do its part in solidifying that relationship and showing, through those interviews, that Christians and Muslims can indeed live together in peace and harmony.

One of the outstanding interviews was made with the Supreme Judge of Islamic Sharia Law, Dr. Ashraf Al Omary. The highly educated young judge gave a beautiful picture of how Islam deals with non-Muslims as “equals,” with tolerance, love, and forgiveness. He emphasized the fact that the “People of the Book,” are to be trusted and respected.

The Muslim scholars practiced their traditional culture of hospitality by serving elaborate meals after each interview.

Al Waad continues to pursue its objectives by building bridges of trust and respect with all its brothers and sisters from the Islamic faith. [Amir Ghali, tedNEWS]

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