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PK Forum”—A groundbreaking program for pastors’ kids

Manhasset, New York, United States—Pastors’ kids (PKs) have many challenges. The majority of PKs face an extraordinary pres­sure to be exemplary, regardless of whether those expectations are realistic, or even healthy. Many give up under the pressure, leave the church, or feel forced to regularly smile no matter what they feel. Still other PKs experience the perpetual absence of their minister parent, who is called upon to meet the needs of others.

Addressing questions, thoughts, feelings, and concerns of PKs was the purpose of the first ever “PK Forum” held at the Greater New York Conference office on Sunday, June 26, 2011. Hosted by Steve Cassimy, Family Ministries and ministerial director of the confer­ence, the forum was created for PKs of all ages. The format allowed older and younger PKs to share experiences and lessons learned, so that all could benefit.

G. Earl Knight, president of the Greater New York Conference, gave the opening devotion. His powerful admonition to “be your­self,” while remembering that being yourself does not mean having to be unlike Christ, marked an excel­lent beginning to the program. Rohann Wellington, director of Communications, provided tools to assist PKs in navigating challenges, as well as addressing the reasons so many PKs leave the church. The feedback from the program’s attend­ees was extremely positive. The overwhelming con­sensus was that every PK should be encouraged to attend future “PK Forum” meetings. [Atlantic Union Gleaner, Donna Hay]

Dedication Ceremony during Annual Council

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States—The dedication cere­mony for The Great Controversy Project will take place during Annual Council, October 7–12, 2011. This ceremony will include all division and union presidents bringing forward books that have been translated and printed in their areas of the world. Prayers t o dedicate the books to God will be given. Please keep this special project in your prayers. [Wilmar Hirle]
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