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February 2012


Discerning the Signs of the Times

Have we become so accustomed to the chaos of our time that we cannot see the signs of the times?


101 Questions About Ellen White and Her Writings

A useful resource for the busy minister and church member



Religious news from around the world.


Changing your Management Style: Lessons from the Life of Jethro

Read about Jethro’s principle of management that involves eight fundamental changes.


Ministry at the Door

How can the pastor be certain that visitors receive warmth and love as they enter church?


The Magnificent Seven: Principles to reach the Unchurched

How do we reach the unchurched?


Is that who I am? The Challenge of Remaining Human in the Midst of the Attraction to be Otherwise

The author claims that the greatest source of grief and disillusionment in ministry today hinges on an unbalanced approach to identity formations and delusions about ministry.


Extraordinary Asking

Our special revival and reformation feature.


Becoming Benevolent Leaders

A church with a heart for benevolence takes its cues from its pastor and other key leaders whose hearts have been softened and broken for the hurting.


A Passion for Revival: An interview with Lee Venden

The author encourages people to spend time each day with God in Bible study and prayer and then share the received blessings with others.




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