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April 2012


Editorial: What the Holy Spirit means to me

Only as I grew older could I value both the importance and equality of the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit and Biblical Interpretation

We must recognize and respect the origin of the Bible because of the role of the Holy Spirit in the production, interpretation, and application of Scripture.


From Revival to Reformation

Our special revival and reformation feature.


The Work of the Holy Spirit

Read how individuals have been led to a new awareness of the Spirit and His gifts in the lives of believers.


Ellen White and the Personhood of the Holy Spirit

This article explores Ellen G. White’s understanding of the Holy Spirit against the background of early Seventh-day Adventist theology and experience.


Problems with Modeling Clay

From our special revival and reformation feature.


“Another Paraclete”: The Holy Spirit in John 14–17

The author explains how a group of five passages in the apostle John’s Farewell Discourses refer to the Holy Spirit as “Paraclete” or “Spirit of truth.”



Religious news from around the world.


The Holy Spirit—So what?

Four guiding principles that have helped me understand more clearly how and when the Spirit moves and works.


Book Review: Adventist Pioneer Places: New York & New England

Whether you are on a family vacation to any of these sites or are organizing a formal church or school tour group, this book is a must have!


Book Review: Galatians

Schreiner gives a readable and understandable interpretation of the text and makes cogent arguments for his particular views.




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