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May 2012


Editorial: The Joy of Joining God in His work

When we move by faith beyond our internal insecurities and external adversities, we will see God work in life-changing, world-transforming ways.


Troubled by worry and anxiety?

Pastors are not immune from worry and anxiety. Here's help.



Church news from around the world.


Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus: How the Jewish Words of Jesus Can Change Your Life

What would it be like to listen to Jesus’ earth-shattering words through the ears of first-century disciples?


Laying a Foundation for Missional Living: A Call to Primitive Godliness

The author examines the kind of foundation we need in order to reach the Western culture with the gospel message.


Supporting Multiple Methods of Outreach in the Local Congregation

Traditional evangelism and outreach—how can a church membership embrace both?


Have a heart: Praying from your heart and not just your head

Could a person who had always lived in her head learn how to intercede for others from her heart?


Turn us back to You, O Lord

Our special revival and reformation series continues.


Ask for the Rain

A word on revival and reformation


Free will and choice: A study of Jeremiah 1:5

This article aims to illuminate a Scripture passage that has long been painted with the broad brush of predestination.


Extreme Servolution

Because we are part of a global community in crisis, the time has come for a worldwide wake-up call.


Book Review: The Death of the Soul in Romans 7

A review of a recent look at Romans 7 in light of Greek moral psychology.




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