—Daniel Jiao writes from Hong Kong.

Often we find it hard to see our own condition when we are hiding in our comfort zone. King Zedekiah wanted to heed the counsel of Jeremiah, but he was too concerned with how his officials looked at him to make any change in his life (see Jer. 38; 39).

Change is inevitable. The world we live in changes rapidly, and the same can be said about our lives. The problem for most of us is realizing that we need change and finding the power to make that change.

One change we all desperately need comes as a result of repentance. Ministers can do all the right things and run successful church programs, yet deep down in their hearts, they know they lack spiritual vitality, and they long to be revived.

Repentance comes from the realization that no matter who we are and what we do, without a deep relationship with our Creator, we are no better than an unbeliever. When we humbly come before God, we will be moved to open ourselves to Him and allow Him to see our innermost thoughts. When we are willing to surrender and invite Him to change us, repentance will occur.

We must realize, however, that repentance is a painful process, especially if we have not had a genuine spirit of repentance for a while. But isn’t that what revival and reformation is really about—a changed heart and changed life?

—Daniel Jiao writes from Hong Kong.

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—Daniel Jiao writes from Hong Kong.

June 2012

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