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July 2012


Editorial: Marriage: An earthly microcosm of heaven

A successful marriage is not composed of just two individuals (certainly not male and male or female and female); rather marriage includes three individuals: the man, the woman, and God.


Elusive gifts

I am grateful that God continues to revive my heart and reform my life.


The church is worth the effort

Despite all the hardships we may encounter, the body of Christ is worth the demands.


A Christian understanding of in vitro fertilization

The author evaluates in vitro fertilization through a medical and biblical perspective.


Transformed by His Word

We need to study the Word of God seriously for revival and reformation.


The reality of spiritualistic manifestations: An interview with Kwabena Donkor

Dr. Donkor shares the pervasiveness of spiritualistic manifestations in the end-time church.


How should we interpret the opening chapters of Genesis?

A critique by a biblical scholar who rejects the historical-critical method of interpreting Genesis.


Strong in the broken places: Why do the innocent suffer?

How should we respond as Christians when tragedy strikes our lives?



Religious new from around the world.


Grace-empowered choices still needed

The pastor and health.


Redemption in Genesis: The Crossroads of Faith and Reason

How do we approach the book of Genesis and its message of redemption?


How your marriage helps you grow more like God

Can growing in love and togetherness in your marriage help nurture your love for God and others?




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