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September 2012


Editorial: MinistryinMotion

The Ministry team has added a new dimension to its work: MinistryinMotion.


Is the Bible historically reliable?

Is there archaeological evidence supporting the accuracy of biblical texts?


How is your Attitude, Pastor?

The monthly pastor and his health column.


The Fast that God Chooses

Thoughts from our revival and reformation series.


Harnessing the Reviving Power of God’s Word

Explore techniques to find strength and renewal in the Word of God.




Shedding Light on the Outer Darkness: A Fresh Look at The Language of Hell

The author investigates judgment motifs written in the Gospels.


Bringing Meaning to Ministry: Pastoring in the Light

How can the light of the Spirit illuminate our lives?


The Cross

Thoughts from our special revival and reformation series.


Faith and Politics: How Should We Live?

The author provides guiding principles for how Christians should relate to politics as seen in Scripture.


Book Review: Christianity’s Dangerous Idea: The Protestant Revolution—A History From the Sixteenth Century to the Twenty-First

What is Protestantism?




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