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October 2012


Editorial: The More We Differ, The More We are Alike

Our special issue looks at North America.



Adventist news from around the world.


A Woman’s Guide to Fasting

A book as much about praying as fasting.


What’s your desire?

Thoughts from our Revival and Reformation series.


BRI consensus statement

Contemplate this statement regarding biblical anthropology, produced by the Biblical Research Institute, from the Third International Bible Conference.


"I am Your Portion"

Thoughts from our Revival and Reformation series.


Working side by side

The author shares his perspective on the role of women in church leadership.


Advantages of a Multichurch District

Can multichurch district pastoring spur growth?


Discovering stability in the pastorate

Enticing as new horizons may be, sometimes we are called to accept the gift of God’s presence where we are.


Dare to Be a Jonah?

Discover the real reason why Jonah ran away from God.


United in Love: An interview with Daniel R. Jackson

Ministry’s editors dialogue with the president of the North American Division.




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