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November 2012


Editorial: A broad and comprehensive mission

Serving as a pastor in the twenty-first century is hard work.


The Tyranny of the Weaker Brother

Must we restrict our freedom for the sake of others?


Health Evangelism

Jesus can empower people who choose his help to make healthy choices.


The Reformation: Faith and Flames

Exploring the roots and effects of the Reformation.


The motivation factor: Why people do what they do

To understand motivation, the author recommends beginning with a scriptural starting point.


Mission and your next-door neighbor

What would you do if a family moved in next door, but the language they spoke was unknown to you?


Salvation, Hermeneutics, and Culture

Read the seven principles that can be applied to the culture-hermeneutics nexus.


President, Preacher, and Teacher of Preachers: An interview with Haddon W. Robinson

The primary goal of this distinguished professor has been to teach as many people as possible how to communicate God’s Word.


The preacher’s problem

Your ego might be a fragile thing, easily fed by the opportunities that you intend for ministry.


Dateline: Dateline

Religious news from around the world




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