A broad and comprehensive mission

Serving as a pastor in the twenty-first century is hard work.

Derek J. Morris is Editor of Ministry

Serving as a pastor in the twenty-first century is hard work—demanding and sometimes dangerous. In order to support each of you in this hard work, our team provides this journal with a clearly defined purpose: to deepen the spiritual life of the pastor, develop intellectual strength through a careful study of the Scriptures, and provide practical instruction in pastoral and evangelistic ministry.

Pastors from numerous Christian denominations in more than 150 countries around the world receive this journal. Here are just a few comments from our readers:

  • “Thank you for your faithfulness. I have found this journal to be most beneficial in addressing church concerns and issues.” —Mike Luce, United Methodist pastor, Michigan, United States.
  • “Thanks for publishing the article ‘Get Back to the Basics. Be Jesus to Someone.’ I appreciate most of the articles you publish.” —Lance Lindgren, Lutheran pastor, South Dakota, United States.
  • “I was a junior theology student when I first developed an interest in Ministry. Every time my professor received a copy of this magazine, my desire was rekindled. Almost a year ago, this dream became a reality. I am so happy to receive the subscription and very eager to read all the articles.”—Rafael Carado, theology instructor, Philippines.
  • “We have greatly appreciated Ministry through 46 years of pastoral service, and the latest issue is certainly no exception, with many fine articles.”—Jim Hoffer, retired Adventist pastor, Georgia, United States.
  • “The March 2012 issue of Minis­try was incredible. Is it possible to buy 10 extra copies of it? I would like to give a personal copy to each member of my staff.” —Michael Kelly, pastor, Community Church, Ohio, United States.
  • “I don’t always read the Ministry magazine when it comes. This month I decided to read before it got buried under the pile of mail that never quite ends. What a timely issue. Refreshing. Help­ful. Practical.”—David Glenn, Adventist pastor, Wash­ington, United States.

We are always delighted to hear from you. Please share your story with us at [email protected] MinistryMagazine.org.

Many of our readers receive Ministry as a complimentary subscrip­tion. People who support the mission of the journal—people like you­ cover the cost of these subscriptions.

Once a year we give our readers the opportunity to support this broad and comprehensive mission. We invite you to make a contribution to enrich the lives and ministry of fellow pastors around the world.

This year we’re trying something new. Online giving is the simplest way to support the mission of Ministry. Just go to our Web site, www.ministrymagazine.org, click “Donate,” and follow the direc­tions for making an online donation. For those of you who would prefer to send a check made payable to MINISTRY, please feel free to use the postage paid envelope found in the center of this journal.

Occasionally, there are those who are frustrated when we ask for finan­cial support. We understand. We, too, are bombarded by requests—many of them from worthwhile ministries. May I suggest that rather than complain, pause to pray for the many pastors around the world who serve under very challenging circumstances. They struggle with limited resources and meager funds. For many, this journal serves as a lifeline, providing valuable instruction and encouragement. All that we ask of you is that you follow the promptings of God’s Spirit and continue to support us in prayer.

Thanks again for being part of our readership. We are honored to serve you and thank God for your faithful ministry.

Ministry reserves the right to approve, disapprove, and delete comments at our discretion and will not be able to respond to inquiries about these comments. Please ensure that your words are respectful, courteous, and relevant.

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Derek J. Morris is Editor of Ministry

November 2012

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