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January 2013


Editorial: The effects of biblical spirituality

A look at four consequences of true biblical spirituality.


Nurturing where dementia has struck

How do we, as ministers, help the families of members who struggle with conditions such as dementia?


Patience in affliction

Thoughts from the Revival and Reformation series.


Jesus and the temple: Understanding the teaching of the New testament

Can the perspectives of Hebrews and Revelation be reconciled with the rest of the New Testament on the question of the identity, nature, and location of the sanctuary?


Ruach Elohim: The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

In this article, the author intends to glean some insight from the Hebrew Scriptures in order to understand a little more of the Person of the Holy Spirit.


The missing ingredient

There is only one real answer to permanent behavior change.


What do we really mean by revival?

Thoughts from the Revival and Reformation series.


From disability awareness to perfect unity

The pastor, as leader in the church, should be made aware and guide the flock in the importance of recognizing the needs of those with disabilities.


Are there mistakes in the bible?

As Bible students, we need to look at the nature of Scripture and recognize the importance of asking how Christ and the apostles saw and treated Scripture.


Personal spiritual retreat: 24 hours with God

Pastors cannot afford to take an entire day away from their responsibilities? Or can they?


Book Review: The Road I Travel: My Journey Along the Narrow Way

A book worth digesting.


Dateline: Dateline

News from around the religious world.




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