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April 2013


Ambassador for Liberty: Building Bridges of Faith, Friendship, and Freedom

Book review on faith, friendship, and freedom


Preaching from the past: A minister’s guide to online resources on Adventist history

A minister’s guide to online resources on Adventist history



News from around the world.


Leadership with vision

Read how the biblical story of Jonathan centers on a vision implementation with practical applications for leaders.


Dealing with doctrinal issues in the church: Part 2

In Acts 15, Luke records the first Jerusalem Council as they deliberated on issues. Read the description of ways the early church dealt with controversial doctrinal problems.


Adventists and ecumenism

The author describes how a careful study of our history and teachings will show that a positive ecumenism and a problematic ecumenism exist.


The false security of sincerity

How might a pastor dialogue with someone who has elevated sincerity to the top of his or her virtue rankings?


A Sample Prayer for Revival and Reformation

Spotlight on revival and reformation


The Beauty of History

Highlighting the sesqui­centennial of the Adventist Church


Phoebe: Was she an early church leader?

Paul’s discourse on Phoebe hints at the remarkable stature this woman had among the early Christians.


Remembering and learning from our past: An interview with Archives, Statistics, and Research (ASTR)

David Trim, Rowena Moore, and Benjamin Baker answer questions about what they call “a three-legged stool—archives, statistics, and research” that represents a department at the General Conference headquarters.




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