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Southwestern union hosts “Jesus all” 2013 Young adult Festival of Worship


Southwestern union hosts “Jesus all” 2013 Young adult Festival of Worship

Arlington, Texas, United States­ The second annual union-wide Young Adult Worship Festival hosted record-breaking attendance this past spring as it convened in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex (DFW). Themed “Jesus All,” the intent was to encourage the next generation to put Jesus at the center of their lives.

The festival launched with speaker Russ Laughlin, vice president for spiritual development, Southwestern Adventist University, and perfor­mances by the University Singers under the direc­tion of Jonathan Wall. Dr. A. Allan Martin and Pastor Leah Jordache, Southwestern Union Conference coordinator of discipleship and young adult ministry, led wor­ship sessions.

“The message in each worship service was excellent,” lauded young adult Jorge Mardones. “The speakers and artists were on fire for Christ and their passion transferred over to us.” The after­noon afforded attendees options for spiritual growth seminars as well as a volunteer service opportunity at Mission Arlington, a community agency providing support to families in need.

“Serving the community allows us to develop our character and use our talents—to get out of our com­fort zones,” shared collegian David Kuchurivskyy. “It allows us to pursue something that God is driving in us—to be involved and try something new that will help us become better believers.” “Spiritually, it gave me more reasons to sing about what I believe,” shared student Nethania Amanuel. “I want to be a bit more Jesus-inspired in my faith.”

The festival culminated with an eve­ning concert by YG (Young Generation) Worship and award-winning recording artist Chris August. With the desire to praise Jesus Christ, the concert engaged and inspired the audience with worship songs, and August shared his personal testimony.

Registered young adults were given a “swag bag” filled with books and resources to share what they learned at the festival and continue the move­ment to make Jesus the center of it all. With such great worship experiences, service and growth activities, and social opportunities, young adults are already looking forward to next year’s Young Adult Festival of Worship.

“The emphasis on Jesus as everything was very, very important,” reflected Jordache. “So often we get confused about what our religion is about, or even what our lives are sup­posed to be about. We need to be reminded that Jesus is everything, and when we are in Him, we have everything we need. That was the theme for the festival and I think it’s crucial, especially for young adults who are trying to live out their faith.”

[Oddie Olazaran]

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