From the Revival and Reformation series.

—Jim Ayers, associate director, Adventist World Radio, Silver Spring, Maryland, United States.

Revival sparks various thoughts in the hearts of men and women, but one rarely thinks of revival in the context of a pastor’s personal life. Oh yes, for the congregation—but for the pastor? Are we not supposed to be revived already?

Pastor Daniel Ferraz shares his revival story: “It is easy, over time to take our relationship with Jesus for granted and to become slack in really keeping it alive. But my zeal for the Word of God was rekindled after nine months of study in preparation for an article I was asked to write. I rediscovered the radical transforming and addictive power of the Word of God—what it was doing to me, why this was so—and how to understand and articulate this experience better.

“As I studied the Bible with this newly established truth in my hands, God’s Word made more sense to me than ever before. My mind was illuminated by ‘the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us’ (John 1:14; emphasis added). Now, with God’s help, I began to read whole books in the New Testament, slowly tracing and retracing the divinely inspired thoughts through the writings of Paul and others. The more I read, the more I could follow and understand where previously I had not understood the majority of what I was reading. I became, quite literally, addicted.”

That is what we all need to become—addicted to God and His Word. When it happens, look out, your ministry will change! 

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—Jim Ayers, associate director, Adventist World Radio, Silver Spring, Maryland, United States.

March 2014

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