Ready for the impossible

Reflections from our continuing revival and reformation series.

—Lael Caesar, PhD, serves as Associate Editor, Adventist Review, Silver Spring, Mayland, United States

We need to prepare for the impossible.

“What do you see?” asked the angel.

“I see the golden lampstands, the lamps, the olive trees on the right and left. But what is this all about?”

“This is power, and yet it may be much better not to speak or think of it as power. This is Spirit doing, utterly outside your notions of might and power. And you haven’t seen anything yet.” (See Zechariah 4.)

Zechariah’s messenger teaches us that God allows Himself freedom to do a God thing among His people. Yes, gas, electricity, electronics, and dynamite may have their place in what God wants to do. Any of them may serve as metaphor for speed, force, or explosiveness hidden in God.

But genuine revival is as incomprehensible as God Himself. Genuine revival is unfathomable in the quality of its experience because life originates exclusively with God. What we have is nothing to what we shall yet have. Genuine revival and reformation are unfathomable in their consequences, not simply because we do not know about tomorrow, but because God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are His ways our ways. His are as much higher than ours as heaven is higher than earth. (See Isaiah 55:8, 9.)

Whatever that means, it signifies that God’s figuring on adequate answers to our prayers for new life and ways of action remains utterly beyond us. Let us therefore diminish the time we spend imagining what will happen when God acts in relation to the hours we invest in making ourselves ready for His inconceivable, incomprehensible, unfathomable, immeasurable Spirit outpouring. Let us be ready for the impossible.

—Lael Caesar, PhD, serves as Associate Editor, Adventist Review, Silver Spring, Mayland, United States

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—Lael Caesar, PhD, serves as Associate Editor, Adventist Review, Silver Spring, Mayland, United States

June 2014

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