Letter from Anthony Kent

Clergy of all denominations find encouragement and insights in the pages of Ministry. Read how you can assist in sharing this vital resource.

PREACH coordinator for Ministry, International Journal for Pastors

Dear Ministry friend,

There’s plenty of bad news about Christian churches and pastoring these days: positions can be hard to come by, church finances are tight, scandals seem to abound, and the very members we serve face varied crises of their own.

But here’s some good news: Pastors like us are finding encouragement, resources, connections, and insights in Ministry magazine. Busy professionals can confront stress on many sides by having this source of help, both in print and online, at their fingertips.

And, our readers appreciate it!

Baptist pastor G. W. saw a Ministry feature on handling grief and depression, and wrote: “I deal with a mainly senior congregation and so the grief experienced at losing a spouse is often an issue that is presented to me. . . . This understanding and the clear comparisons that were charted will be an ongoing tool for my continued pastoral ministry.”

Lutheran pastor T. A. M. exclaimed: “The article ‘Balancing a busy life’ is an excellent article and should be required reading for seminarians and old guys like me!”

Anglican cleric M. B. wrote about a piece on the question of abandonment: “What a brilliant article! Thanks a million for printing it!”

These are the kinds of messages we receive regularly, the kinds of words we hear when we meet Ministry readers like you. We know this magazine has an impact with a global network of clergy grateful for this lifeline.

What we also know is that we need supporters such as you to keep us going. What we do takes money, and we have long been grateful for devoted readers who recognize the value of helping their fellow clergy. This side of eternity, you might never meet the pastor whose life and ministry were touched by this magazine. But please know that the value of your financial gift is incalculable. It is, quite literally, an investment with eternal dividends.

As the year 2015 is in its “home stretch,” would you be so kind as to make a donation—right now—to help continue this ministry? Please visit www.ministrymagazine.org, click the “donate” button, and make as generous a gift as you can.

The power of a single personal action can sometimes be the key to global change! Donating to help others receive this magazine and its Bible-based counsel for effective ministry is just that kind of world-changing step. We have seen it through the years, and you can see it in the comments above.

Please, help us right now. Thank you for supporting Ministry in this vital outreach. May our God bless you today—and every day! 


Anthony Kent

PREACH coordinator for Ministry, International Journal for Pastors

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PREACH coordinator for Ministry, International Journal for Pastors

November 2015

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