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June 2016


Editorial: Discerning the will of God

Sometimes when we ask for a sign, the Holy Spirit simply points us back to the Word that has already been revealed.


What is essential in biblical Christian worship?

Assess various biblical aspects on why worship should be about the intention to give rather than to get.


Life under a magnifying glass

What are some practical ways of a ministerial family dealing with living life under scrutiny?


The second coming of Jesus and our mission: The necessity of the big picture

Pastors must be bold in their efforts to set right the eschatological picture misconstrued by media.


Which Bible version shall we use?

Explore the rich history of how God led in the translations of the Bible.


“Our church is financially broke”

How can you simplify your church’s financial system?


Personal happiness, self-fulfillment, and homosexuality in the church

Are church members shifting the basis of certain beliefs from theology to philosophy?


The Call

Reflections from our continuing revival and reformation series.



Religious news from around the world.


Questioning God?

Is it all right to dare question God?


Book Review: In the Beginning Was the Word: The Bible in American Public Life, 1492–1783

What does it mean to follow “the Bible and the Bible alone”?


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