Gaining by denying: The benefit of Christian fasting —Part 1 of 2

The authors start this series by giving the background and advantages of all types of fasting.

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Reflections on Christian worship

Our Lord cares for the whole of this wounded and struggling world. His people should do the same.

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The parable of the rich man and Lazarus and tales of revelations from the afterlife1

Does this parable and other epiphanies from the dead give validation to messages from the great beyond or is it a warning against them?

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Deep breathing of the soul: Honesty in prayer

When trying to find an example for prayer in the Bible, we can look to Hannah, the psalmists, Bartimaeus, and Jesus.

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Spoken to, spoken for

When studying the Bible remember these two ideas.

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My earnest efforts to know Christ

Inspiring thoughts from our continuing revival and reformation series.

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