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Editorial: Bilingualism: Winning a world for Christ

Are total inclusion and total intimacy found in your church organization?


Why do we need philosophy of religion?

To chart a clear course in pastoral ministry, a philosophy of religion focusing on religious experience, doctrine, and practice becomes crucial in a modern, uncertain, religious minefield.

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A modern-day miracle

From our continuing revival and reformation initiative.

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Preaching with authority

In this postmodern age, is it too old-fashioned to believe that effective preaching comes about primarily through our close relationship with God?

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The Adventist “health message” unpacked

Is the “health message” relevant? What does modern research reveal?

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Mentoring: A way of life

How can experienced ministers impart their wisdom, knowledge, experience, and skills to the next generation of leaders?

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News from around the world.

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Unity: Then and now--A divine movement united in mission and message

In this article, we are challenged to look deep into our spirituality to maintain church unity in the face of Christ’s commission.

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Mr. Peptic Ulcer

Practical pointers on health for pastors.

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Book Review: Frederick the Wise: Seen and Unseen Lives of Martin Luther’s Protector

This book review explores the life of one of Martin Luther's greatest supporters.




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