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A modern-day miracle

From our continuing revival and reformation series.

—Jacob Gibbs pastors the Escanaba, Munising, and Riverside Seventh-day Adventist Churches in Michigan, United States.


I had 25 minutes to spare before my next Bible study. While considering ways to pass the time, I received a distinct impression: “Take the next left, fourth house on the left.”

As I wrestled between doubt and the possibility that God was guiding me, I quickly came to a few conclusions. I had previously thought about knocking on some doors before my study and prayed for guidance to the right homes. The worst thing that could happen was that no one would be home. With these thoughts in my mind, I drove around the corner and arrived to find three cars in the drive-way. As I pinned on my name tag and stepped out of the car, a woman came out onto the porch.

“Hello, my name is Jacob, and I am with Do you enjoy the Bible?”

“Yes,” she replied.

I handed her a tract and began to share more about the program. After finishing, I offered to pray for her. Instantly, tears welled up in her eyes. She told me that there was a serious issue in the family. We prayed, and I sensed that God was touching her. As we chatted, her husband came outside and shared more details of the stress they were feeling.

“It’s interesting you showed up today. We were just now doubting the existence of God,” he said. His wife replied,

“But God sent a messenger!”

In the book The Desire of Ages, it states that “Jesus knows us individually. . . . He has at times given directions to His servants to go to a certain street in a certain city, to such a house, to find one of His sheep.” May God help us be sensitive to His Voice and lead us to His lost sheep.

—Jacob Gibbs pastors the Escanaba, Munising, and Riverside Seventh-day Adventist Churches in Michigan, United States.

* Ellen G. White, The Desire of Ages (Mountain View, CA: Pacific Press Pub. Assn., 1940), 479.

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—Jacob Gibbs pastors the Escanaba, Munising, and Riverside Seventh-day Adventist Churches in Michigan, United States.


April 2017

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