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May 2017


Editorial: Practical solutions for pastoral marriage stress

This month's pastor and health column offers guidance on marital stress.


Revival and Reformation: Cuban Pastors Thrive in Adversity

From our continuing revival and reformation series.


Pastoral marriages: A contemporary challenge

Marriages are taking a hit—and there's no pass for the pastoral couple.

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Someone’s watching

That day I saw my rebellious teenager soften before my eyes.

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Nurturing the faith of pastors’ kids: Reflections on a pastoral family stress study

Explore with the author the biggest pastoral concern of all that of saving other children while losing our own.

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The Second Clergy Wives Club

Being a pastor's second wife is not always easy—especially when the pastor stays in the church where his first wife was queen.

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Pastor, you need to know

Does your pastoral leadership have the necessary gifts to properly nurture and shepherd the women in your church?

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Preventing child sexual abuse in our churches

How can you administer grace to all worshippers and still protect your young congregants?

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Aim lower, think smaller!

A pastor's focus on children's ministry will not only attract families and increase church membership, but will save heaven's favorite human treasure for eternity.

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Book Review: Hope for the Same-Sex Attracted: Biblical Direction for Friends, Family Members, and Those Struggling with Homosexuality

Our monthly book review considers same-sex attraction


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