God opens doors for a literature evangelist

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Thomas Florian was working as a literature evangelist around the villages on Koro Island in Fiji when village elders stopped him. In order for him to sell his literature, he must get an approval from their regional pastor. Thomas set off to visit Pastor Lagilagi and allow him to examine his books. To his surprise, the pastor decided to purchase Bible Heroes and God’s Answers to Your Questions, commenting that he planned to use these books for preparing sermons for his Methodist congregation. Thomas took the opportunity to give him another book: The Great Hope.

After prayer, Thomas asked if he could share his books with other villages in the area. The pastor encouraged him to go to every village and not to miss a single home. He then wrote a letter to take to the village elders, stating that “Thomas is doing a great work in building better families and healthier lifestyles. Please open every door to him.”

An Adventist pastor recently conducted a series of evangelistic meetings in this area that attracted a number of people from the villages. As a result of these efforts, twenty-two souls were baptized. Fifteen of these new believers had purchased Thomas Florian’s books as he visited homes throughout the area. Today, area villagers are very supportive of the local Adventist pastor as he ministers in these villages. We praise the Lord for the influencing power of God’s Holy Spirit that is working in the lives of His people today! The harvest truly is ready, but the laborers are few.

—This story was originally published in the June 2017 issue of the Trans Pacific Union Mission Newsletter.

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