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Letters to the Editor


Evangelism—old commission, new methods?

Dr. Parker, thank you for publishing the results of this study (“Does evangelism still work?” Alan Parker, August 2017). The conclusions are very consistent with my thesis on evangelism in a postmodern culture that you advised me on back in 2010–2012. Good to see that you are continuing your own personal work in the area of evangelism.—Bryan Canter, by email

I am a pastor, and as I read this article it worries me that we are not reaching many young folks who are the future of our church. As the conclusion says, we need new strategies that would fit in this generation. In today’s world we are surrounded by many college students, and colleges use a challenging method to make the students learn and ask questions. I believe if we adapt this method (asking questions, getting the minds of those who are listening to think for themselves, instead of giving them the answer; making them question what they believe, so they can look for more information in the Bible), our evangelistic meetings would likely be more effective—Jorge Morales, by email

Evangelism—Jesus only?

I have just read the August 2017 issue of Ministry, and in particular the article by Jason Morgan entitled “Adventist Evangelism: Alive and Well.” The article raised several concerns for me. It appears that in only 21 days, Jason Morgan was able to “utterly disprove the experts” regarding evangelism in England. One would assume that the “experts” must be English pastors who have spent all their lives in evangelistic ministry in the country. In evangelistic outreach, context is vitally important; and Jason Morgan gives none. We can only hope and pray that this fantastic experience can be replicated all over England, among every segment of society.

My second concern relates to Jason Morgan’s broken heart regarding the suggestion at a board meeting that we preach “Jesus Only.” Is He not the only thing we have to preach?Do not all the teachings of Holy Scripture center in Him and Him alone? Is He not the only one who forgives sin and redeems? Is He not the only one that we await to come in the clouds of heaven? Is He not the be-all and end-all of everything we proclaim? May I suggest that if we preach Daniel and Revelation without Jesus as the central focus, then we will become no more than a cult. Revelation is a revelation of Jesus Christ.Our task is not to proclaim the teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and our “unique perspective” on end time events—that would make us a cult—but to expound the inspired word of Scripture and to uplift Jesus higher and higher in everything. Is it Jesus only? Yes, it is! My heart leaps at the thought of Jesus only—and may it ever be.

Pastor Alan Conroy, retired English pastor/ evangelist (40 years’ service in England), now residing in Canada

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