Barry C. Black, PhD, DMin, is the first African American, first navy chaplain, and first Seventh-day Adventist to be chaplain of the United States Senate.

United States Senate

Office of the Chaplain

Washington, DC 20510

Lie in Honor Ceremony

Reverend Billy Graham

U.S. Capitol Rotunda

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dr. Barry C. Black


Let us pray. 

Almighty God, the fountain of every blessing, we praise You for Your greatness and goodness that gave our Nation and world the gift of Your servant, Evangelist William Franklin Graham Jr. We thank You for using him to preach Your gospel around the world, to counsel and pray for national and global leaders, and to invite the multitudes to start and sustain an experiential relationship with You. Lord, we are grateful for his scandal-free life of integrity, characterized by conduct that was above reproach. You blessed him through his humility and commitment to You to bring deliverance to those held captive by sin, to restore sight to the morally and ethically blind, and to set on the path of freedom those shackled by addictions and despair. Thank You that force of his convictions transcended the boundaries that divide humanity, creating a spirit of oneness. Inspired by his great life, challenge us all to become salt and light to our generation. Use us as You used Envangelist Billy Graham so that the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts will always be acceptable to You. I pray this prayer in the Name of Billy Graham's Savior and closest Friend, Jesus Christ.


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Barry C. Black, PhD, DMin, is the first African American, first navy chaplain, and first Seventh-day Adventist to be chaplain of the United States Senate.

May 2018

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