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September 2018


Editorial: Are you drinking yet?

In Jamaica, incredibly, pastors go into the heart of the city and invite gang leaders to a meal for fellowship and open dialogue.


Jonah: A preacher God wanted to save—a city God wanted to reach

The lost in the city are, and have always been, God’s children. If only God’s church can grasp that.

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By any means necessary: An urban ministry interview with Pastor E. Douglas Venn

Venn listens for what the Spirit is saying to the churches regarding ministry in the city.

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I can’t breathe

Can the church help our cities to breathe again? It must!

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Effective relationships with postmodern people in the context of urban mission

Sharing stories and shared discovery are powerful keys to open the postmodern urban mind.

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This world is not my home— or is it? Urban ministry and the crisis of city housing

The most urgent cry of many in the city is not for a home in heaven—but for a house on earth.

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Invisible People

The “invisible people” around Christ were never invisible to Him. Do you notice those who are around you?

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A highlight of church news from around the globe.

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Understanding and compassion: A recipe for urban mission

Krause asserts that the church must prioritize urban compassion over city conversion.

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Letters to the Editors

The views that Dr. Arrais expresses are among the most Christ-centered views of leadership that I have read.

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Practical Pointers: Urban ministry in Africa’s richest mile

Our research told us that affluence in the community surrounding the center was high—but so were levels of depression, anxiety, marital problems, and loneliness.


Book Review: Incarnational Mission: Being With the World

To lead an individual to freedom from their situation, one must take the point of view of the oppressed person.


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