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January 2019


Finding the Invisible God

In retirement, a lifelong preacher and trainer of preachers offers a simple sermon of faith and assurance for ministers and those to whom they minister.


Letters to the Editors

Our reader's weigh in on recent articles.


Paid in Full

At that moment, I chose to give up on the money and spend more than two hours in prayer and Bible study.



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April 15, 2019

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  Finding God in Community

If you are not a part of community, you miss out on many ways God interacts with you.


  Our "unfair" God

Away with pastoral bitterness and ministerial jealousy, and receive a fresh outpouring of grace.


  The superhuman pastor*

Stress can be harmful, but it can also be manageable. You can succumb, or overcome.


  Foundations of preaching

The credibility of preaching rests upon soul-searching theology and its life-changing impact.


  Make Your Voice Heard in Heaven: How to Pray With Power

This book on prayer is scripturally sensible rather than being spiritually sentimental—and biblically intimate without being gushingly emotional



Religious news from around the world.


  Worshiping—or stealing?

Copyright infringement can carry a number of penalties ranging from monetary damages to prison terms. Are you guilty?


  David the Great: Deconstructing the man after God’s own heart1

As we review Old Testament history, Is it time to replace old lenses with new ones?


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