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February 2019


Editorial: A pulling horse doesn’t kick

When a person internalizes his or her faith and looks for opportunities to share it with others, the Spirit of God works powerfully in that life.


Urban ministry in the book of Daniel: A Babylonian1 model

Learn how ministry in an ancient city is a model for mission in today’s city.

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An interview with Jud Lake: Ellen White and the Civil War

Understand how a local military war can have global spiritual implications.

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Watchmen on the walls

It’s in the pastor’s vow—if we don’t warn, God will hold us accountable.

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Why stand ye gazing?

Jesus came—and then He went. Now we must go and tell—because Jesus will come again.

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Prophetic Appeals

Like prophetic preaching, prophetic appeals must have a sense of urgency.

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Fruitful laity: The church’s razor’s edge

Inspiring thoughts from our our revival and reformation series.

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Introduction to Adventist Mission

An extensive, inspiring, and deeply challenging study of Adventist missions.

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Religious news from around the world.

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Pastoral burnout: As I see it

It should be clear that burnout happens when pastors do not or cannot cope with the accumulated pressures of ministry when added to all other pressures of daily living.

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Letters to the Editors

Our readers weigh in on various articles of interest.

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Jesus and the 28 fundamental beliefs: Are they compatible?

Fall in love with Jesus and let Him live out His will in your life.

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