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Letters to the Editors

Ministry readers weigh in on recent articles


Are good deeds—well, good?

Our work reveals the quality of our relationship with God. A fake friendship cannot last.


Celebration of diversity

Understand how unity does not tolerate diversity, unity requires it, otherwise it becomes uniformity.



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August 9, 2019

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  Church ministry in a digital age: Five steps pastors must take

Ready or not, the digital age is here. Learn how you and your members can understand the new reality better.


  Members’ lives matter

Enjoy this fresh look at how numbers are foundational to mission.


  Women in the Word

How can you find role models to develop and enrich your ministry?


  Culture shift: Courage over comfort

What changes could your church benefit from?


  Digital discipleship

Let us use all of the tools and strategies at our disposal to carry out the Great Commission.


  Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family

The gospel principle applied to parenting.



Religious news from around the world.


   The impact of Christian behavior

We can treat persons according to our feelings or according to Jesus’ model. Our choice to reach out, or not, has eternal consequences. Inasmuch as we do it to the least of God’s children, we do it to Him.


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