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July 2019


Editorial: It’s possible

Is it possible for one person to influence a church, a community, a country, even a continent?


The leadership style of Ezra

Change your leadership style and be as effective as Ezra,

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Shepherding is a team effort

It really does take a village—learn how elders and pastors can work in partnership.

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Paul at Athens: A study in tactical leadership

Follow Paul as he models how to lead diverse congregations.

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Spiritual leadership: What is “spiritual” about being spiritual?

It’s time to view spirituality as sensible, not sentimental.

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Redistributed life: When a church closes its doors

Dedicated prayer and careful planning need to be involved when deciding whether or not to close a church’s doors.

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Church Forsaken: Practicing Presence in Neglected Neighborhoods

This is the best book I have ever read on how a church needs to minister to their community.

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Religious news from around the world.

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“Never hang alone”

It is not good for the pastor to pastor alone—utilize your team of leaders.

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Practical Pointers: Expository Preaching

Preaching is central to worship.


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