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This edition has been prayerfully designed as a training tool that may have a transformative impact on your preaching and teaching. Feel free to share it with all of your leaders. To order extra copies visit this page.


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Articles in this issue:


The Transforming Power of Story – by Jerry N. Page

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"Let me tell you a story": The transforming power of narrative preaching and teaching – by Richard Duerksen

Stories connect with the tenacity of glue, sometimes holding for decades while intermittently releasing memories that recalibrate personal values.

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The “story” telling and outreach – by Pat Gustin

The Bible is God’s story book. It is over 75 percent stories showing who He is and how He deals with every kind of person. Our calling is to tell His story.

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Narrative changes lives – by Amy Whitsett

Read what happened when Sucheen was given more than just proof texts; she was given the truth in story.

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Sharing our faith with millennial generations: The power of storytelling – by Kleber Gonçalves

To effectively communicate the gospel to the millennial generation, we must think creatively and analyze how they listen and learn.

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Stories: Unlocking hearts for God – by Gideon P. Petersen

Some cultures are only drawn to the salvation story through relatable language, songs, and stories. How can we reach them?

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Book Review: Leading With Story – by S. Joseph Kidder

Through engaging stories, biblical insights, leadership research, field-tested methods, and practical models of effective leadership development, Leading With Story offers unique solutions that will inspire and challenge any who want to raise up or to be raised up as Christ-centered leaders in this story-centric generation.

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Religious news from around the world.

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Narrative preaching and teaching: An assignment

A practical assignment on narrative preaching.

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