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October 2019


The Elijah Message for Today – by John B. Youngberg

Restoration of the family lies at the heart of our end-time message.

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“I nearly killed my wife.” Keep (pastoral) marriage alive – by Gábor Mihalec

How are you safeguarding your pastoral marriage?

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A centennial family ministries celebration: Interview with Ron and Karen Flowers – by Willie Oliver , Elaine Oliver

Celebrating the past and rejoicing that God is still using pastors to restore families.

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Team ministry: A blessing to families – by Jonas Arrais , Raquel Arrais

Team ministry, in all its varieties, can still halve the burden and double the blessing.

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Clinging to Jesus in a foreign land – by Jared Miller , Katie Miller

When surrounded by the new and unfamiliar, know that God is still sufficient.

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Adventist Family Ministries: A retrospective – by Willie Oliver , Elaine Oliver

We proffer that if the Adventist Church is to remain the relevant revelation to the world . . . then fostering healthier marriages and families will be the deliberate and sustained strategic focus of our existence.

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Pastor, how loved do you feel? – by Elise Harboldt

There are times when pastors should prioritize their own spiritual and emotional health.

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Book Review: Joys and Challenges of the Pastoral Family – by Steve Murphy

An important book on the pastoral family worth picking up.

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Religious news from around the world.

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A life infused with balance – by Quernande P. Wells

Practical pointers for ministry.

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