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Sydney Allen

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Articles by Sydney Allen

Some Song Services We Might Do Without (August 1959)

The monthly church music column.

Ecumania (December 1968)

On the growing interest in the union of denominations.

Horse Sense About the Advent "Movement" (March 1968)

We must develop the abilities that God has given us and accept the fact that He has seen fit to give some talents to one and others to another.

If There Were No Pastors (January 1968)

If there were no pastor, if the sheep were left without shepherds as they were in Jesus' time, the helpless people would be harassed and ultimately destroyed.

The Black List (April 1974)

A light went on in Chuck Rowan's head. It would serve these people right if they had to go out and hunt for a new principal at this time of year!

Evangelism of Tomorrow (January 1960)

Let me present a few thoughts concerning some of the fun­damental aspects of the situation that I believe the evangelist of tomorrow will see.
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