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G.K. Abbott

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Articles by G.K. Abbott

Daily Nutritional Needs* (November 1939)

Fasting for short periods is physically beneficial and health promoting for those who overeat. Were it not for overeating, fast­ing would be largely unnecessary, and entire abstinence from food would be harmful.

Overloading the Living Machine (October 1939)

There is much misunderstanding of the causes and consequences of overeating.

Maintaining Rhythm in Digestion* (September 1939)

Perhaps no laws of physiology are more commonly disregarded than those relating to digestion.

Faulty Food Habits and Disease—No. 2 (July 1939)

Our second article on the links between diet and disease.

Faulty Food Habits in Relation to the Incidence of Disease* (June 1939)

A look at how faulty food habits can lead to disease.

Our Duty to Study Physiology* (March 1939)

There is a wealth of research material delv­ing into the laws of our being—what habits of life (in eating, drinking, working, resting, sanitation, etc.) cause disease, and what habits and practices maintain or restore health and give abounding energy of mind and body.

The Matter of Man's Original Diet (January 1939)

The first article in the series appears herewith from the pen of Doctor Abbott, well-known author and medical leader in our ranks. This article covers Section IV, on "The Proper Dietary," in the book, "Counsels on Diet and Foods."

Avoid Narrow Views and Deficient Diets (July 1940)

Discarding all dairy products and eggs is another extreme which a few over­zealous persons have in the past advo­cated.

Avoid Narrow Views and Deficient Diets (June 1940)

Counsel is given regarding the unhealthful­ness of partaking of a great variety of food at one meal and combining fruits and vege­tables.

Avoid Narrow Views and Deficient Diets (August 1940)

Applying wise nutritional advice.

Infantile Paralysis and Fomentations (April 1942)

The life saving results of hydrotherapy treatments and other simple methods.

The Wisdom of the Human Body (April 1943)

Do you think we have been misled by cun­ningly devised fables or an old woman's dreams?

Studies in Nutrition and Food (May 1944)

I. Making Natural Law Plain

Studies in Nutrition and Food (June 1944)

Spiritual Reasons for Healthful Living

Advance Information in Science (March 1946)

Forty years of medical and surgical practice, together with much study of the results of research work, has left me with some very settled conclusions regarding the reliability of sci­entific statements made in the Testimonies on health and medical practice.

Now It's the Glands (November 1948)

There is always an exaggeration of affairs in a newly explored field. In the same state of overemphasis is the matter of psychosomatic medicine.

Health Education in Conference Work (March 1938)

In the organized work of the conference, health education may be carried on in many different ways, all of which may be made very effectual, and each of which may have its own special advantages.

Normal Versus Perverted Appetite (September 1938)

Those who try to conform their habits of eating to right principles may often be inclined to think of appetite as some­thing to be controlled, curbed, or denied.

Testimonies Scientific Before Science (September 1933)

Many principles of health were pointed out in the Testimonies years before science could explain them.

Our Dual Commission (December 1931)

Why do we hold evangelistic efforts entirely divorced from practical gospel medical missionary work? Have we found a better way than that in which Christ worked?
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