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Adlai A. Estab

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Articles by Adlai A. Estab

What Narcotics Do to the Body (February 1946)

In presenting our full message to the world we cannot rightly omit the health phases in our program of evangelism.

Imagination an Effective Tool (January 1948)

Imagination is one of the greatest tools which the preacher has to employ in winning souls for Christ.

Pulpit-Pointers for Preachers (June 1954)

Students of the Bible who have studied, the social and religious history of New Testament times are acquainted with the cult of emperor worship that had so tremendous a vogue.

Pulpit-Pointers for Preachers (May 1954)

Mat the finger of warning be lifted. Failure to progress in spiritual tone will decrease our ability to persuade men into the kingdom.

Pulpit-Pointers for Preachers I (April 1954)

As a people, Seventh-day Adventists sometimes comment on their relationships with others and seem to take pride in being different.

Pulpit-Pointers for Preachers II (March 1954)

Exegetical Studies in Ephesians--Part II

Pastor-A Tour Through the Treasure House (February 1954)

The book of Ephesians is one of the most sublime gems of literature.

"Like a Mighty Army" (January 1957)

Is your church moving "like a mighty army"? From a sermon preached in the Takoma Park, Maryland, church.

The meaning of Christmas (December 1958)

Christmas means forgetting self and remembering those who have no Christmas.

A Trend of Great Significance (December 1962)

Laymen will take charge of worship services in more than 10,000 churches next month throughout the United States and Canada and in military chapels all over the world.

A Formula for Health and Happiness (April 1967)

A Sermon Suggestion for Sabbath, May 13.

THE LARGER OUTLOOK: Imagination—Highway to the Soul (September 1950)

"Imagination is the chief highway to the heart of man."
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