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Carlos Aeschlimann

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Articles by Carlos Aeschlimann

550 Souls in Merida (June 1969)

THE great evangelistic campaign organized by the Southeast Mexican Mission in Merida, capital of the state of Yucatan, resulted, with God's blessing, in the winning of 550 souls who were united to the church by baptism. . .

A solution to the chronological problems of the Hebrew Kings (January 1978)

Edwin R. Thiele has brought order out of chaos in his examination of the Hebrew reigns of the monarchies, thus giving us a renewed confidence in the accuracy of the Scriptures.

El Salvador is still making history (December 1980)

In the first quarter of this year, 1,823 persons were baptized in this small country, despite political and social unrest.

Inter-America in action (April 1982)

Inter-America has accepted the One Thousand Days of Reaping challenge and by Gods grace plans to baptize 200 persons per day for a total of 200,000, or 20 percent of the world goal.

How to reap a harvest (December 1986)

Where is Harvest 90 headed? What has been the church's response? Is there a specific focus for 1987?

A triumphant Harvest 90 (April 1986)

Pastors who try to do all the soul-winning work themselves soon become frustrated. A cooperative effort, with the pastor training and leading laypeople is the key to successful evangelism.

Toward the culmination of Harvest 90 (October 1988)

Phenomenal success has attended many divisions' Harvest 90 efforts. Let's plan for a victorious culmination.

Harvest 90 victory (February 1989)

A worldwide evangelistic campaign could provide the key to a victorious culmination of Harvest 90.

Harvest 90 everyone's victory (December 1990)

The final, official report on the outcome of Harvest 90.

Harvest 90--moving toward a great victory! (February 1990)

Harvest 90 has been a great blessing in focusing the priority of the Advent is t Church where it should always be on fulfilling the Great Commission to evangelize the world.
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