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Alger H. Johns

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Articles by Alger H. Johns

Poster Advertising Profitable (January 1938)

Correct methods of advertising do much to make evangelistic meetings successful.

Pastoring the Institutional Church (July 1940)

Churches are God's appointed centers of truth in the communities.

If I Sat Up There (September 1947)

From suggestions handed in by lay members of the Glendale church.

The Riddle on the Wall (October 1956)

Instead of providing an article for this section, Dr. Siegfried H. Horn, who is head of this department in the Seminary, has written an interesting article about the most recent of the Seminary Extension Schools.

The Presentation of Ezekiel 38 in Evangelism (August 1962)

To many Seventh-day Ad­ventists the book of Ezekiel is just as enigmatic and diffi­cult as the books of Daniel and Revelation seem to be to other denominations.

PASTOR: What the Pastor Expects of the Intern (May 1952)

Some common tasks that intern pastors receive
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