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Grace Edith Amadon

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Articles by Grace Edith Amadon

The "Wednesday" Crucifixion Argument (May 1942)

Wednesday-crucifixion champions, who base their contentions upon the wrong Passover full moon, often seek to bolster their Position by misuse of tables secured from the United States Naval Observatory. Are these reliable authorities?

"Wednesday" Crucifixion Argument (Concluded) (June 1942)

In this concluding section, the outline of passion week incidents shows that the Jewish Sabbath coincided only with the first day of the passion week, and that there is no intimation in the gospel account of any other synchronism.

Significance of the Word "Passover"—No. 2 (October 1943)

Part two of our continued look at the significance of the Passover.

A Landmark of History (June 1944)

I. An examination of the historical background of the prophetic periods of Revelation 9.

Ancient Jewish Calendar Construction—No. 2 (April 1944)

There is significant and impressive his­tory connected with every Biblical date.

Date and Hour of the Crucifixion Passover (February 1944)

The monthly research column considers the timing of the passover

A Landmark of History—July 27, 1299 (July 1944)

Pachymeres' identification of the year to which his July 27 date corresponded.

Ancient Jewish Calendar Construction—No. 1 (March 1944)

A look at historical, archaeological, and scientific findings.

Significance of the Word "Passover" (September 1943)

What is the significance of the word "passover"?
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