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C.R. Anderson

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Articles by C.R. Anderson

Let's Capitalize on Health! (June 1955)

Everyone is interested in health today. This is a wonderful time for us to capitalize on this great issue of health.

What About the Doctors in Your Congregation? (December 1958)

What pastors can do to utilize this enormous asset.

Features (July 1954)

Those Worthy Objectives. The Medical Worker on the Gospel Team. The Medical Missionary Church Tell Them Now! Home Missionary Doctors.

Health Evangelism (November 1953)

You Can Live Longer-If You Live Right!

Messages from your Nerves (January 1976)

The hypochondriac just loves taking pills and injections. His supposed illness has nothing to do with what he is trying to treat.

Our Medical School, C. M. E. (July 1941)

How God has led us in our health work.
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