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Godfrey T. Anderson

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Articles by Godfrey T. Anderson

The Minister and Historical Materials (January 1943)

All who would fully utilize the present and all who hope to make their future profitable, dare not neglect giving attention to the past.

The Church Studies God's Word (May 1957)

Studying the bible is the key to reformation in every generation.

The Minister as a Teacher (July 1959)

Excerpts from a talk given at Workers' Retreat, Cedar Falls, California, August 26; 1958.

The Minister and Culture (Concluded) (November 1961)

It is not difficult for a minister to under­stand the value and importance of wide reading. After all, sermon writing is a re­sponsibility that is ever with him and which the conscientious minister takes se­riously. Less understood, often, is the im­portance of culture in the fields of music and art.

The Minister and Culture * (October 1961)

The minister is expected to be many things to many men. Among these many things, he is expected to be a person of good taste and an exponent of the humane and the beautiful. He must be this in spite of handicaps, not the least of which may have been an education that was vocational rather than liberal. And since leaving college he probably has had to contend with a crowded daily pro­gram.
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