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Roy Allan Anderson

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Articles by Roy Allan Anderson

Bible and History Teachers' Council (December 1940)

The Bible and History Teachers' Con­vention, which convened at Takoma Park, July 30 to August 25, was marked by deep piety and an appreciation of the re­sponsibilities of such a council.

The Science of Soul Winning (October 1940)

Advice for fishers of men.

The Smoke of a Thousand Cities! (December 1941)

One of our greatest challenges today is the task of reaching the unwarned cities.

Crystallizing the Emphasis of the Council (July 1941)

Recent highlights from the Evangelistic Counsel Sessions.

Babylonian Test Revived (August 1942)

The same spirit of Babylon is dominant in certain parts of the world today, and the Chris­tian is faced with the same challenging prob­lem.

Editorial Keynotes (July 1942)

How Jesus knew the human mind!

Editorial Keynotes (April 1942)

The Messenger and His Message

"Preaching Christ to Win More" (June 1942)

A report from a recent meeting in Canada.

Archeology's Confirmatory Witness (February 1942)

In recent times, much light has been shed on the identity of Belshazzar.

The Challenge of Evangelism (January 1942)

At no time has the church of Jesus Christ been presented with a greater opportunity for evangelism.

Editorial Postscripts (July 1943)

Creating Evangelistic Atmosphere

Open-Air Evangelism (June 1943)

Open-Air evangelism has always held a definite place in the program of soul win­ning.

Song Leading in Evangelism (November 1943)

Few things in evangelism are more im­portant than music.

Editorial Keynotes (October 1943)

Holding the Evangelistic Audience

Utilizing Publicity Possibilities (September 1943)

Newspaper publicity is vital in the pro­gram of evangelism today.

Editorial Keynotes (June 1943)

Prophetic preaching needed today.

Pointer's to Progress (May 1943)

Monthly pulpit pointer's from the Ministry staff

Health Message, A Part of the Gospel (May 1943)

Let it be our earnest concern to make ready a people prepared for the Lord—prepared in body, soul, and spirit.

Through Science to God (March 1943)

Substance of address at Science Teachers' Con­vention, Takoma Park, D. C., August, 1942.

A Forward-Looking Evangelistic Council (April 1943)

A report from the Northern Union Conference.

Advertising Titles That Draw (March 1944)

Eternal truths must be brought into focus through the lens of twentieth century knowledge and discovery. To bring these truths to the vision of the greatest pos­sible number is our problem.

The Power of an Informed Ministry (Novemer 1944)

What we read is important, but how we read is more important.

Pointer's to Progress (December 1944)

From the Ministry back page.

Overcoming Irreverence in Our Churches (September 1944)

What can we do to make our people more reverent?

Pointer's to Progress (January 1944)

From the Ministry back page.

Pointer's to Progress (August 1944)

Curious Cults and Philosophies

Editorial Keynotes (August 1944)

Reflections From the Spring Council.

Editorial Keynotes (March 1945)

An Effective Method of Illustrating Truth

Evangelistic Songbook Ready (July 1944)

The new evangelistic songbook, Gospel Melodies, is now ready.

Editorial Keynotes (July 1944)

Our Responsibility to Our Converts

Evangelism Blueprint Now Provided (November 1945)

1946 Reading Course Preview:Four Cogent Reasons for Enrolling for 1946

Pointer's to Progress (July 1945)

Monthly pulpit pointer's from the Ministry staff.

Pointer's to Progress (April 1945)

Monthly pulpit pointer's from the Ministry staff.

Editorial Keynotes (March 1945)

An Effective Method of Illustrating Truth

The Call to Evangelistic Advance (February 1945)

A Summons to Larger Thinking and Bigger Planning

Evangelism in Australia—No. 2 (October 1946)

This article completes the report of evangelistic meth­ods presented to and unanimously accepted by the executive committee of the Australasian field.

"Quit You Like Men" (June 1946)

Mankind's desperate plight lays upon the church of God new and enlarging responsibilities.

Advance Plans for Evangelism in Australasia (September 1946)

Recently Elder R. Allan Anderson spent six months in the Australasian field holding ministerial institutes and evangelistic councils throughout the entire field. Here is his report.

Lowering the Spiritual Death Rate (March 1946)

Preaching sermons and raising church goals is not the only work of the pastor. His greatest work is shepherding.

Pointer's to Progress (February 1946)

The Elijah Message and the Home

Effective Use of Charts and Symbols (January 1946)

The command to the ancient prophet was to "write the vision, and make it plain upon tables."

Pointer's to Progress (June 1947)

The Asset of Sound Common Sense.

Forward Strides in Evangelism (June 1947)

The ministerial institutes held in connec­tion with the recent union conference ses­sions throughout the North American Di­vision have been wonderfully blessed of God.

Pointer's to Progress (April 1947)

Interpretative Congregational Singing

Training the Ministry of the Future (March 1947)

Nothing is more important to God's cause than the training of the future ministry.

Pointer's to Progress (January 1947)

Inspired Pointers to Preaching Power

The Council Call to Evangelism (January 1947)

One of the most heartening features of the recent Autumn Council was the dis­cussion on evangelism. Here's a report.

Pointer's to Progress (December 1948)

Covenant of Consecration and Service

Men of Prayer (December 1948)

Most failures in the ministry are not due to a lack of activity or organizational ability, or even to a lack of visiting or study, but to a lack of prayer.

What Is Expository Preaching? (May 1948)

From the Ministry back page.

Autobiography of a Radio Dial (May 1948)

All who broadcast and all who listen will read with unusual interest this parable. It was written for the Broadcaster's Exchange, a communication sent monthly to our radio evangelists from the General Conference Radio Department.

Postwar Challenge to Missions (May 1948)

An important international council re­cently met in Ontario, Canada, to study the problems of Christian missions in the postwar world.

Echoes From Kansas City Council on Evangelism (February 1948)

The 1946 Fall Council the General Con­ference Executive Committee was author­ized to call a special group together to study the question of how to organize our church program in order to make opportunity for more soul-winning evangelism. That com­mittee, or commission, met last October in Kansas City, Missouri.

Greater Evangelism Keynote of Autumn Council (February 1948)

The striking words of the General Confer­ence president, in his opening address at Grand Rapids, Michigan, made all aware that the 1947 Fall Council promised something out of the ordinary.

Pointer's to Progress (June 1949)

Make Full Proof of Thy Ministry"

Preaching the Full Message (November 1949)

Do you declare the whole counsel of God?

Spiritual Standards for Musicians (October 1949)

The motto of the American Guild of Or­ganists is one which every church musician would do well to study. We reproduce it in full, believing that our church leaders will be interested to see that a cultural group such as the guild of organists recognizes and empha­sizes the spiritual standards essential for all true worship.

Preparing for the Latter Rain (August 1949)

We living in thrilling days. It is the time of the latter rain which Peter described as the "times of refreshing" which should come from the presence of the Lord just prior to the return of Jesus.

Always Facing North (April 1949)

Monthly pulpit pointer's by the Ministry staff.

Editorial-Evangelistic Centers (June 1954)

Now just what is an evangelistic center? Is it a church?

Editorial-San Francisco Calling (May 1954)

Many of our readers will remember this as the place where we held our Sabbath meetings during the last presession council.

Making the Church Visible (February 1949)

Has not the time come when every Adventist church should be known, and its influence felt in the community?

B.I.'s Raise Up Church in Finland (February 1949)

What a tower of strength these godly women are to our evangelistic program!

Our New Commentary (November 1955)

We are confident that our readers around the world would like to know how this Commentary is regarded by leaders and scholars outside of our ranks. We therefore publish from two outstanding reviews.

"Beloved Institution of Physicians" (October 1955)

In this issue we are honoring the College of Medical Evangelists. Half a century has slipped into eternity since this wonderful institution was founded. And what a contribution it has made! I

What Is True Religion? (August 1955)

Some of the most startling and liberal promises in the entire Bible are found in Isaiah 58—promises of answered prayer, of restored health, of righteousness, of glory and light, of protection, of an honored part in God's work.

The Power of Negative Thinking (June 1955)

We are in danger of much confusion if we are led to believe that 'positive' thinking is the only kind of real value.

What Is Your Name? (March 1955)

Historically the church of Christ has suffered eras of ineffective wit­ness when its leaders lost the spirit of sacrifice.

Altar Calls in Our Early Evangelism (November 1956)

The history of their use in our worship.

Human, Not Carnal (September 1956)

In contemplating the incarnation of Christ in humanity, we stand baffled before an unfathomable mystery, that the human mind cannot comprehend.

How Do We Pray? (August 1956)

From the editor's desk, we ask how we are to pray to our Father above.

Editorial-"The Christian Centuryn Quotes the ''Signs" (April 1954)

The Evanston Assembly of the World Council of Churches will be a history-making. event.

Features-Reformation Before Revival. Counting the Cost of Soul Winning. "Your Radio Doctor" (April 1954)

0ur beautiful and impressive cover is a part of the great Reformation monument in Geneva, Switzerland.

A New Visual Aid for EvangelismA New Visual Aid for Evangelism (May 1956)

Announcing the new Pictorial Aid for Bible Study (See pg. 24).

Is Public Evangelism Outmoded? (May 1956)

Our opportunities for evangelism today are greater than ever before.

Uncrowned Queens (April 1956)

"The minister's wife has a happier lot than any other woman. Owing to the nature of her husband's work she must meet certain trials and problems, but her opportunities for service far outweigh all handicaps."

Editorial (March 1956)

Thoughts from the Editor's desk.

Congress on Bible Prophecy (January 1956)

Its lessons for us are extremely important.

Editorial-"Having Great Power" (March 1954)

We live in an age of power-military power, political power, financial power, atomic power.

Christmas and God's Call to Evangelism (December 1957)

At this season of the year when the minds of Christians everywhere are being directed to the great gift of God in the Babe of Bethle­hem, it is fitting that we study broader plans for the promulgation of His gospel of peace and goodwill to men. Some important recommendations were brought before the annual council here at headquarters, which we are happy to bring to our readers.

Christianity Vibrant in Charles Wesley's Hymns (December 1957)

The 250th anniversary of Charles Wesley's birth. This article is a commemoration of his life.

The H.M.S. Richards Lectureship on Preaching (September 1957)

Preaching under the impact of the Holy Spirit is the greatest power known among men. And nothing is more important.

Hold the Torch of Freedom High! (August 1957)

Maintaining the principles that led to the founding of this nation.

Worship Trends in Protestantism (July 1957)

A look at the recent trends and movements to improve worship services.

The Supremacy of Worship (July 1957)

Worship goes beyond outward observance to inward experience.

"God With Us" (April 1957)

How the theology we espouse makes us who we are.

Disarming Prejudice (April 1957)

The change of attitude on the part of many leaders of other Christian communions should inspire our workers.

Overseas Ministerial Journals (June 1957)

A report on the excellent work being done around the world.

Seventh-day Adventists Answer Questions on Doctrine (June 1957)

In anticipation of the most carefully scrutinized book we have published.

Uninhibited Evangelism (June 1957)

What methods should be employed in the work of evangelism?

Shepherdesses of the Mid-Century (May 1957)

This letter is in behalf of a group of ministers' wives who are now organized into a club.

Public Relations (March 1957)

A review at the events of the North American Public Relations Council.

Bringing Ourselves Up to Date (February 1957)

How the recent Fall Council actions touch our Ministerial Association plans and responsibilities.

Call to Evangelism (January 1957)

The call to evangelism and the training of our future ministry.

London Evangelism (January 1957)

A report from England.
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