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Roy Allan Anderson

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Articles by Roy Allan Anderson

"...And All the World Wondered" (July 1963)

Who could have be­lieved that the liturgical mass of the Roman Catholic Church, with its historic intonations in the Latin lan­guage, would give way to the pressure of these modern times?

"A Certain Sound" (October 1952)

"The imagination of our workers and members has been stirred to the earth's far ends as they have contemplated this convocation."

"As Thy Days. . ." (November 1969)

HENRY VAN DYKE, one time professor of English in Princeton University, and moderator of the Presbyterian Church in the United States, gave to the world a clear formula for successful living. . .

"Beloved Institution of Physicians" (October 1955)

In this issue we are honoring the College of Medical Evangelists. Half a century has slipped into eternity since this wonderful institution was founded. And what a contribution it has made! I

"Bring the Books"-Paul (September 1961)

Few things are as important to a minister as his library, for books are his tools. Just as a carpenter needs different kinds of tools, so a minister needs books on many subjects.

"Come Ye Yourselves Apart (August 1964)

A report on our recent ministerial retreat.

"Ellen G. White and Her Critics" (August 1951)

"All great movements and leaders seem to have begun in obscure corners."

"Except as We Shall Forget" (August 1952)

"The book of Deuteronomy is one of the greatest books ever written."

"God With Us" (April 1957)

How the theology we espouse makes us who we are.

"Lift Up Thine Eyes" (August 1962)

That which brings fear to the world, brings courage to the church, because the most distressing cir­cumstances are recognized as signs of our Lord's near return.

"Lord, Teach Us to Pray" (May 1952)

Prayer is an important element of our religious life

"Make it Plain" (August 1964)

Accuracy in speech is important, but accuracy in writing is imperative.

"Make It Plain" (October 1956)

In this issue our Theological Seminary here at headquarters is featured. What a splendid record this institution has! How rich has been its contribution! And yet the accomplishments of the past are small as compared with the opportunities for the future.

"Mangled in the Wheels" (March 1952)

"The church, for some reason or other, is able to turn out more organizational machinery than any other institution known to man. We can draw up bylaws by the ton and appoint committees, bureaus, and departments . . . until it is no wonder that people day after day are spiritually mangled in the wheels."

"Missionaries in Khaki" Evangelistic Centers in Giant Cities (June 1953)

"Missionaries in Khaki" Evangelistic Centers in Giant Cities

"Preaching Christ to Win More" (June 1942)

A report from a recent meeting in Canada.

"Quit You Like Men" (June 1946)

Mankind's desperate plight lays upon the church of God new and enlarging responsibilities.

"Say Unto the Cities..." (September 1951)

"God's great heart of love has always grieved over the many unwarned in the crowded cities."

"The Greatest Ever" (August 1970)

THE greatest ever" these words we heard over and over again during the pre-session Ministerial Council. And it truly was a great meeting. From the opening keynote address by N. R. Dower, Ministerial Association secretary, right through those packed-full days to the last moving challenge by E. E. Cleveland, A. C. Fearing, J. R. Spangler, and G. E. Vandeman all associate Ministerial secretaries at head quarters we were carried on a wave of spiritual fervor.

"These are Great Days!" (April 1965)

Would you want to live in any other age?

"When Thou Wast Little in Thine Own Sight" (February 1952)

"The greatest things of the Advent Movement are just ahead of us. The whole world is yet to be illumined with the glory of this message."

A Forward-Looking Evangelistic Council (April 1943)

A report from the Northern Union Conference.

A Ministerial Training Center With a Future (June 1962)

Nine years ago we attended the graduation exercises of the Korean Union College. At that time one could not help being impressed with the earnestness of both students and faculty. The college buildings had been badly damaged by war, but the spirit of the peo­ple was unbroken. A few weeks ago we were again on the campus. And what a difference!

A New Emphasis, Not a New Message (September 1959)

The very name Minneapolis carries with it interesting connotations to our Ad­ventist ministry, for it was in our church there that the important General Confer­ence was held in 1888.

A New Thing for a New Year (January 1966)

Preaching the gospel of grace in one of the most confused periods of history.

A New Visual Aid for EvangelismA New Visual Aid for Evangelism (May 1956)

Announcing the new Pictorial Aid for Bible Study (See pg. 24).

A Non-Adventist Leader Examines Our Beliefs (May 1959)

Book reviews on Questions on Doctrine continue to come to our desk.

A Preacher's New Year Resolve (January 1962)

New Year is a time for re­flection and re-evaluation; a time when it seems easier to take inventory of ourselves and our service. At this season a wise minister maps out his work for the ensuing months.

A Study in Personalities Mary, Judas, Simon, and Jesus (Part II) (August 1962)

In Judas we see a distorted character, twisted by sin and eaten out by pride.

A Study in Personalities— Mary, Judas, Simon, and Jesus (July 1962)

How Jesus affected the life of these individuals

A Worldwide Call to Prayer (January 1960)

While every action taken at the recent Autumn Council is important, yet none is more vital to the growth and well-being of the church than the recommendation on prayer.

Advance Plans for Evangelism in Australasia (September 1946)

Recently Elder R. Allan Anderson spent six months in the Australasian field holding ministerial institutes and evangelistic councils throughout the entire field. Here is his report.

Advertising Titles That Draw (March 1944)

Eternal truths must be brought into focus through the lens of twentieth century knowledge and discovery. To bring these truths to the vision of the greatest pos­sible number is our problem.

All Eyes on Cleveland (May 1958)

A look at the General Conference to be held in Cleveland.

Altar Calls in Our Early Evangelism (November 1956)

The history of their use in our worship.

Always Facing North (April 1949)

Monthly pulpit pointer's by the Ministry staff.

An Important Project Calling for Special Prayer (March 1959)

We solicit your interest. Pray for this project.

Archeology's Confirmatory Witness (February 1942)

In recent times, much light has been shed on the identity of Belshazzar.

Are We Learning to Do Without Him? (October 1965)

Waiting for the promise of the Father.

Autobiography of a Radio Dial (May 1948)

All who broadcast and all who listen will read with unusual interest this parable. It was written for the Broadcaster's Exchange, a communication sent monthly to our radio evangelists from the General Conference Radio Department.

Awakening Interest Among the Jews (February 1961)

In many places a real interest is awaken­ing on the part of our workers for our Jewish friends. We thank God for the revived interest in this people for whom the Christian mes­sage can mean so much once prejudice has been overcome.

B.I.'s Raise Up Church in Finland (February 1949)

What a tower of strength these godly women are to our evangelistic program!

Babylonian Test Revived (August 1942)

The same spirit of Babylon is dominant in certain parts of the world today, and the Chris­tian is faced with the same challenging prob­lem.

Bearing One Another's Burdens (July 1952)

"Life is largely a matter of luggage, Christ came not to remove life's luggage, but to multiply our burdens."

Bible and History Teachers' Council (December 1940)

The Bible and History Teachers' Con­vention, which convened at Takoma Park, July 30 to August 25, was marked by deep piety and an appreciation of the re­sponsibilities of such a council.

Bring the Books (May 1968)

Note: The following address was given at the dedica­tion ceremony of the B. G. Wilkinson and Walter Ost libraries at Columbia Union College, October 23, 1967.—Ed.

Bringing Ourselves Up to Date (February 1957)

How the recent Fall Council actions touch our Ministerial Association plans and responsibilities.

Call to Evangelism (January 1957)

The call to evangelism and the training of our future ministry.

Catching a Shepherd's Vision (September 1953)

It is good that a minister know how to counsel his members, and the art of true counseling is vital to a successful pastor.

Changes and Future Service (July 1959)

Changes in our headquarters staff are always important, but the most recent change will be of particular interest to THE MINISTRY readers.

PULPIT: Christ's Voice in the Church Today (October 1951)

[EDITORIAL NOTE. One of the courses on preach ing in the Theological Seminary covers the im portant theme of preaching the message in a Christ- centered way. Some thoughts on the method of presenting the Spirit of prophecy, at the same time emphasizing salvation, appear in this article, which was the response to a student's request for an ex ample of how to present salvation while presenting the Spirit of prophecy. B. c.]

Christian Ethics in Evangelism (November 1960)

The question of proselyting is being discussed in many Protestant circles today; all of which brings up the question of what we are to understand by proselyting. And further, who is to decide whether one who senses a divine call and goes out to proclaim the message of God, calling sinners to repentance, is actually doing the work of an evangelist or is "sheep stealing"?

Christian Maturity and the Home (Part 1) (January 1966)

It is good occasionally to take a frank look at life.

Christian Maturity and the Home (February 1966)

The second part of this series.

Christianity Vibrant in Charles Wesley's Hymns (December 1957)

The 250th anniversary of Charles Wesley's birth. This article is a commemoration of his life.

Christmas and God's Call to Evangelism (December 1957)

At this season of the year when the minds of Christians everywhere are being directed to the great gift of God in the Babe of Bethle­hem, it is fitting that we study broader plans for the promulgation of His gospel of peace and goodwill to men. Some important recommendations were brought before the annual council here at headquarters, which we are happy to bring to our readers.

Colporteur Work and Ministerial Training (April 1959)

For decades Adventist ministers in gen­eral have been encouraged to recognize the importance of colporteur work as a definite part of their preparatory train­ing for the ministry.

Coming--World Congress on Evangelism (May 1966)

Years of preparation have brought this plan to fruition, and Christians of all faiths, especially leaders, are urged to make this forthcoming World Congress on Evan­gelism a subject of earnest prayer.

Conducting the Baptismal Service (September 1960)

Many of our evangelists at the recent evangelistic council requested that some material on how to conduct a dignified baptismal service be published in The Ministry, and it was suggested that we reproduce here some of the material in chapter 16 of Elder R. A. Anderson's book The Shepherd Evangelist.

Congress on Bible Prophecy (January 1956)

Its lessons for us are extremely important.

Convictions on Methods of Evangelism (July 1932)

Both our evangelists and our pastors earnestly desire to know why and how others follow their special plans and policies of work.

Crisis--Appeal for Prayer (June 1966)

Ours is a time of international crisis.

Crisis-Danger Opportunity (July 1953)

Many of us remember that the word crisis in Chinese is made from two characters, one meaning "danger" and the other "opportunity." And every crisis seems to present both.

Crystallizing the Emphasis of the Council (July 1941)

Recent highlights from the Evangelistic Counsel Sessions.

Disarming Prejudice (April 1957)

The change of attitude on the part of many leaders of other Christian communions should inspire our workers.

Do We Know the Holy Spirit? (June 1970)

IN ALL the religions of the world there is nothing that corresponds with the Christian doctrine of the Holy Spirit. And nothing is more vital to the Christian's life than the consciousness of the indwelling of the Spirit. One can be a baptized member of the church, however, and know nothing of this experience. . .

Do We Miss the Significance of Christ's Sacrifice? (April 1961)

The marvelous part about the cru­cifixion story is that while under condemnation and dying in agony and loneliness, He was at that very moment upholding the moral pillars of the universe.

Echoes From Kansas City Council on Evangelism (February 1948)

The 1946 Fall Council the General Con­ference Executive Committee was author­ized to call a special group together to study the question of how to organize our church program in order to make opportunity for more soul-winning evangelism. That com­mittee, or commission, met last October in Kansas City, Missouri.

Editorial-Our High Calling (November 1953)

To carry the joyful news of God's love to the world is the only real purpose of the ministry.

Editorial-The Peril of a Lost Vision (December 1953)

Sanctify yourselves: for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you" (Joshua 3:5)

Editorial-"The Holy Spirit Moved Among Us" (August 1954)

"This has been the best General Conference ever," is what hundreds are saying. And it truly was a great meeting.

Editorial-Modern Theological Trends (December 1954)

It was the last press conference at the big Evanston meeting, and the six newly elected presidents were being interrogated.

Editorial- "... On Unto Perfection" (January 1954)

The most dynamic evangelist of the Christian church used language we can all understand in these days of haste.
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