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Elmer E. Andross

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Articles by Elmer E. Andross

Forward and Upward (November 1929)

Articles for inspiration, counsel, and caution.

Ambassadors for Christ (October 1946)

In considering the work of the ministry, there is one word—ambassador—that deserves consideration.

Ambassadors for Christ (November 1946)

The concluding article to this series.

Ordination of Local Elders (March 1938)

Ought a "charge" be given in the ordination of local elders and deacons?

Funeral Fees (September 1937)

Is it in keeping with denominational prac­tice for ministers to render a bill for conducting a funeral service, or to accept a donation for such service?

The Ordination Charge (June 1936)

Words to be spoken at a minister's ordination.

The Minister's "Silent Partner" (November 1934)

The more I ponder the subject assigned me, the more fully am I convinced that the minister's wife holds a very important position in the church; and so it is with much reluc­tance that I pick up my pen to fulfill my promise to write something about the "silent partner."

Our High Calling (December 1934)

How sad to see one who is supposed to be a "man of God," and to be commissioned by God to represent His own Son, careless in his dress and in his general appearance.

We Are Ambassadors for Christ (December 1933)

The one who is a faithful ambassador for Christ is greatly beloved in the heavenly courts, and ranks among those most highly honored; but upon earth he may be the prince of sufferers.

Bear Much Fruit (July 1931)

In this remnant of time in which we live, we have the encouraging as­surance that however unpromising the material with which we work, if the connection between Vine and branch is unbroken, and the pruning by the Holy Spirit is unhindered, abundant fruitage will appear in the life.

Deportment and Dress of Ministers (November 1931)

The minister's dress at all times should be in keeping with his holy profession.
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