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Articles by Anonymous

"In the Beginning"— Health (Health Talk Series) (March 1944)

This project was worked out by the denominational health methods class of the Portland Sanitarium and Hospital School of Nursing, under the direction of Miss Eleanor Baer, R. N., their instructor.

"Preaching to Emptiness" (April 1947)

This article was called to his attention by an Indian who on a very rainy night formed one of an audience of two non-Adventists at one of his meetings.

101 ideas for better worship services (October 1991)

The following suggestions are designed to add life and vigor to worship services.

1946 Census of Religious Bodies (April 1947)

Every ten years the Federal Government takes a census of all religious bodies in the United States.

Ministry Reports: 1985 World Ministers Council (December 1985)

The ministerial presession to the 1985 General Conference was the best attended ever. Although it required an enormous amount of preparation, the plenary sessions and seminars enriched all who attended.

A Global Impact (February 1997)

The impact of net '96 around the world

A homosexual in my congregation? (November 1996)

How should a church extend its ministry to the homosexual in its midst?

A Layman's Appeal (March 1932)

The rebuke and appeal in the following letter, sent recently to one of our evangel­ists, touch upon a point that unfortunately makes it personal to many who are engaged in the gospel ministry.

A More Spiritual Ministry (August 1928)

Thoughts from the Spirit of Prophecy.

A New Experience in Christ (February 1932)

How an ugly dis­position in my home and with my fel­low workers is rapidly being displaced by a new love for everybody and a sweetness of disposition.

A New Satisfaction (June 1929)

A personal testimony.

A Plain Talk to Murmurers (November 1933)

From sources difficult to access.

A Press Conference with Billy Graham (December 1962)

From DECISION, September, 1962. Copyright: The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Minneapolis. Used by permission.

A Request (November 1945)

The relation of the SDA Church to labor unions.

A Satisfying Exchange (January 1932)

A daily, living, abiding ex­perience is necessary.

A touch of humor (November 1993)

General Book Reviews

A Valuable Seminary Contribution (May 1939)

Student appreciations of the class in methods of evangelism.

Activities for an apartment ministry (May 1991)

It is much better to do a few activities well than to offer many activities and do them in a mediocre way.

Advancing Despite Repression in Spain (March 1949)

Due to the shortage of workers, several churches were left to themselves. Only four major places could be shepherded, but excellent results followed. Today we see fulfilled the words of God's messenger, who told us that that which was not done in time of liberty would be done in time of great difficulty.

America Welcomes the "Mayflower II" (August 1957)

The Modern Replica of the Historic Pilgrim Ship Completed Her 5,000-Mile Voyage in 54 Days

An Annotated Bibliography on Worship (October 1991)

The following worship books in print are recommended by Merle J. Whitney, pastor, Seventh-day Adventist Church, Lakeside, California.

An Experiment in Art (January 1931)

With the present emphasis on evan­gelism, this new field of experiment in illustrative features may serve to special advantage.

And Sarah Packed! (October 1962)

This short article will have special meaning for the wives of our ministers. Mrs. Lockerbie has gone through the throes of constant moving, about which she writes with feeling. The article appeared in the Pulpit magazine, July, 1960, and is used here by permission of that journal.

Anointing: the lost rite (September 1989)

You can renew your people's faith in God by using the anointing service for its intended purpose instead of reserving it for those on their deathbed.

Another Missionary's Letter (January 1956)

India's call for Bible in­structors found a response on the part of her native women now in training. But India is still pleading for trained women to lead out in training many more for her thousands of cities, towns, and villages. Can you be of help?

Are you living a double life? (November 1990)

The sobering fact is that second marriages have a smaller chance of success than first marriages. Why give up all you have for something that has a good chance of crumbling?

Around the World Circle (March 1929)

Association news from around the world church.

Aunt Hannah Says (January 1955)

The monthly shepherdess column.

Autumn Council Hightlights (January 1941)

Highlights from the recent autumn council.

Back from oblivion (July 1989)

What does an abused woman need from you, her pastor?

Battle at the board meeting (July 1994)

My unresolved struggles with a retired pastor

Better Radio Broadcasting (December 1940)

What has been written can be erased or altered, but the words spoken over the radio cannot be recalled. Therefore every address must be carefully written out.

Bible Instructor-Conversion and Baptism of Children (January 1954)

Jesus took a special interest in the children, and every Bible instructor should also be interested in them.

Bible Instructor-Training Bible Instructor (March 1954)

Bible instructors as well as ministers are called of the Lord.

Bible Instructor-Preparing Juniors for Baptism (April 1954)

Since our usual procedure in soul-winning work is through the channel of indoctrination, we are most apt to decide that this must be our sole approach for winning juniors.

Bible Instructor Field Trip (February 1949)

A report from our Bible Instructor courses at Washington Missionary College.

Bible Workers Exchange (September 1928)

Our monthly bible workers column considers various topics of interest to our readers.

Bibliophile (January 1993)

An overview of bible commentaries and dictionaries that have become tools of the pastoral trade.

Bless Me Also (November 1955)

Modern man's greatest problem to­day is man!

Bless Me Also (December 1955)

Part II of this series.

Blood Brothers (November 1997)

On the family feud between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Books for Counseling Persons With Special Problems (July 1993)

Books dealing with the issue of dysfunctional religion and authoritarianism .

Can a Woman Tithe? (February 1959)

Reprint of the leaflet "Can a Woman Tithe?" by kind permission of the Woman's Missionary Union, Birming­ham, Alabama.

Changed Relationships (July 1931)

Some of us, even in the mission field, have in the past been content with a very superficial Christian experience, and with what might be called a theoretical assent to the truth.

Child sexual abuse in society and the church (November 1995)

The church needs to set a moral example in dealing with child abuse.

Chimes and the Calliope (January 1931)

As advertising mediums, the chimes arid calliope are gaining in favor with evangelists.

Christ the Answer (November 1956)

This article is actually a letter, one that we feel will bring joy to the hearts of many of our readers.

Christian responses to the New Age movement (March 1989)

A review of various resources on the New Age

Christians and the environment (June 1993)

Caring for our environment must be part of today's church standards.

Church Policies and Procedures (November 1949)

When our personal ideas of church order differ from the accepted procedures of the church on the celebration of the ordinances, for example, what should we do about it? Espe¬cially. what should we do if definite innovations are urged upon us by someone officially over us?

Clearing the King's Highway (April 1931)

A personal testimony from a foreign missionary.

Complete in Christ (May 1931)

It is with a deep sense of gratitude to God for the work of grace already accomplished in my heart, and for the lively hope born of the Holy Spirit that the work which has been begun will be completed, that I add my per­sonal testimony, as one who has la­bored many years in the cause of God.

Conduct of Funeral Service (May 1936)

The service should be simple in the ordinary funeral, especially so when the minister has never known the deceased.

Confronting the cult craze (January 1979)

Is something missing in the current practice of Christianity?

Daniel 2: 5 (March 1930)

The translation and meaning of Daniel 2:5.

Denominational Phraseology (December 1935)

To speak of our religious beliefs as "the truth" may cause some to wonder it we regard ourselves the only custodians of "truth." Would not modesty dictate a different form of speech?

Depopularizing Liquor by Advertising (April 1947)

Not only do we thus advertise against the use of liquor, but we also advertise the name of our church, and this has some value to the many thousands who see these signs daily.

Digested Reading (April 1931)

On the Ministerial reading course.

DISCOVER lessons (October 1995)

A Special Supplement

Disposing of the defrocked (November 1987)

In an effort to show charity and understanding, many churches continue to employ ministers after a divorce. But what about their wives? Here is one woman's story and plea.

Do You Remember? (November 1965)

Who travels more than Adventist ministers? This charming story will help you to make your religious safaris more profitable.
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