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Articles by Anonymous

No Longer a Shrine (February 2018)

From our ongoing continuing revival and reformation series comes a testimony of God's continued miracles.

The Great Transition (November 1928)

A personal testimony.

Bible Workers Exchange (September 1928)

Our monthly bible workers column considers various topics of interest to our readers.

A More Spiritual Ministry (August 1928)

Thoughts from the Spirit of Prophecy.

The Enlarged Vision (August 1928)

A personal testimony.

Having Learned Christ (June 1928)

A personal testimony.

When Jesus Came In (April 1928)

A personal testimony.

From Darkness to Light (March 1928)

A personal testimony.

Responding to the Roll Call (February 1928)

Closing thoughts from the Ministry back page.

The Training Class — No. 2 (February 1928)

More suggestions on the art of giving Bible studies.

Rural Evangelism (February 1928)

Reaching those outside the cities.

The Other Meaning of the Cross (February 1928)

The two aspects of the cross.

My Greatest Blessing (November 1929)

A personal testimony.

New Joy in Life and Service (August 1929)

A personal testimony concluded.

Roman Authorities (July 1929)

Valuable quotations from reliable sources

From Bondage to Liberty (June 1930)

A personal testimony.

Our Problems (May 1930)

Responding to two recent requests.

Let's Be Accurate (January 1934)

"Let us study to show ourselves approved."

Valuable Quotations (February 1937)

Verified Extracts From Current Literature

The Place of Gospel Songs (June 1938)

A symposium on gospel music from musicians not of our faith, appearing in the Sunday School Times of September 25, 1937, contains certain gems which we here reproduce with but little comment.

Life Comes from God (March 1938)

How science testifies to God.

Religious World Trends (March 1938)

With its finger on the pulse of affairs in the reli­gious world, through constant scrutiny of a score and a half of the outstanding religious journals of the world, "The Ministry" is conscious of a sense of deep obligation to our world worker body, the vast majority of whom are without access to such sources.

Modernism's Acknowledged Failure (April 1938)

Two remarkable articles appeared in the Christian Advocate a year and a half ago. Recent events, together with the perspective of time, give to them now a significance scarcely discernible at the time.

What Youth Expects of Our Ministry (February 1938)

"They are searching not for imperfections on which to feed, but for positive realities by which to live."

Religious World Trends (August 1939)

A look at leading trends in the religious world.

Use Quotations Correctly (July 1939)

When properly used—not too often, and with exactness—quotations enrich our verbal expression, both oral and written.

Religious World Trends (June 1939)

The eyes and the ears of the world were focused on the recent coronation of the new Pope, and comments from the religious press thereupon reflect the alarm felt by Prot­estant denominations over the growing en­croachments of the Papacy.

A Valuable Seminary Contribution (May 1939)

Student appreciations of the class in methods of evangelism.

Religious World Trends (March 1939)

A look at important developments in the religious press.

Religious World Trends (January 1939)

Modernism's devitalized bible.

West Nordic Union, Europe (June 1940)

From a recent report by C. M. Scott in the Advent Survey, organ of the Northern European Division, we glean some interesting facts regarding the scope of the medical work in an area in which medical interests have been prominent.

Better Radio Broadcasting (December 1940)

What has been written can be erased or altered, but the words spoken over the radio cannot be recalled. Therefore every address must be carefully written out.

Reliving Our Pioneer Days (November 1940)

Why you need the reading course.

Offend Not in One Point (April 1940)

How best to address the world and its criticisms.

The Challenge of the Emergency (October 1941)

Are we currently facing emergency situations?

Is All Milk Safe? (August 1941)

Do we recognize that clean milk is essential to community health.

Suggestions for Right Thinking (February 1942)

Some constructive rules for daily living, beautifully stated, have been left by Dr. Austen F. Riggs, "Just Nerves," Houghton Mifflin Co

Greater Bible Work—No. XVIII (December 1943)

With this number of the Ministry we bring our "Greater Bible Work" series to a close. We shall discuss here a number of the Bible instructor's miscellaneous problems, beginning with her living quarters.

Shall We Neglect Missions Now? (November 1943)

Mission Problems and Methods

Greater Bible Work—No. XVI (October 1943)

We will discuss in this article the Bible instructor's daily program, and those fea­tures which pertain to her own work.

Greater Bible Work—No. XV (September 1943)

Plans and Methods, Experiences and Problems.

Greater Bible Work—No. XIV (August 1943)

The responsibility for establishing the new believer does not rest entirely with the evangelistic workers who made the contact.

The Greater Bible Work—No. X (February 1943)

Plans and Methods. Experiences and Problems

Greater Bible Work—No. XI (April 1943)

The eleventh part of our continued exploration.

"In the Beginning"— Health (Health Talk Series) (March 1944)

This project was worked out by the denominational health methods class of the Portland Sanitarium and Hospital School of Nursing, under the direction of Miss Eleanor Baer, R. N., their instructor.

A Request (November 1945)

The relation of the SDA Church to labor unions.

The Matter of Doctorates (August 1946)

A look at the widespread interest in the matter of "doctorates."

Do's and Don't's on Ushering (May 1947)

The purpose of ushering in church is not merely to serve people, as in a theater or restaurant. Its purpose is to serve God.

The Imposition of Tardiness (April 1947)

The paragraphs which follow, pertaining to tardiness at committee meetings, may be profitably scanned by every preacher in our ranks

Holding Membership Gains (April 1947)

Fifth and last in this series on student seminar objectives.

Depopularizing Liquor by Advertising (April 1947)

Not only do we thus advertise against the use of liquor, but we also advertise the name of our church, and this has some value to the many thousands who see these signs daily.

"Preaching to Emptiness" (April 1947)

This article was called to his attention by an Indian who on a very rainy night formed one of an audience of two non-Adventists at one of his meetings.

1946 Census of Religious Bodies (April 1947)

Every ten years the Federal Government takes a census of all religious bodies in the United States.

Effective Illustrations (June 1948)

For use in sermon or song.

Church Policies and Procedures (November 1949)

When our personal ideas of church order differ from the accepted procedures of the church on the celebration of the ordinances, for example, what should we do about it? Espe¬cially. what should we do if definite innovations are urged upon us by someone officially over us?

The Sound of a Going (March 1949)

News from world secretaries.

Advancing Despite Repression in Spain (March 1949)

Due to the shortage of workers, several churches were left to themselves. Only four major places could be shepherded, but excellent results followed. Today we see fulfilled the words of God's messenger, who told us that that which was not done in time of liberty would be done in time of great difficulty.

Bible Instructor-Preparing Juniors for Baptism (April 1954)

Since our usual procedure in soul-winning work is through the channel of indoctrination, we are most apt to decide that this must be our sole approach for winning juniors.

Bible Instructor Field Trip (February 1949)

A report from our Bible Instructor courses at Washington Missionary College.

Origin of Our Bible Work (February 1949)

Bible Instructor Column--plans and methods, experiences and problems.

Bless Me Also (December 1955)

Part II of this series.

Bless Me Also (November 1955)

Modern man's greatest problem to­day is man!

General Practitioners (July 1955)

Is there rightly anything that could be con­sidered a heavier responsibility than that resting upon a true undershepherd in the soul care of his church?

Aunt Hannah Says (January 1955)

The monthly shepherdess column.

The Rewards of the Ministry (December 1956)

A day's jotting from my diary.

The Stonecutter's Problem (November 1956)

What is causing the delay?

Christ the Answer (November 1956)

This article is actually a letter, one that we feel will bring joy to the hearts of many of our readers.

Mothering the Multitudes (July 1956)

The Role of a Minister's Wife in Safeguarding the Mental Health of the Church

Mental Sickness and the Christian (July 1956)

For the Christian to act in his own strength is to court disaster; the anxieties and tensions of life are never as great as they are to the Christian who chooses not to abide in Christ.

Features-Reformation Before Revival. Counting the Cost of Soul Winning. "Your Radio Doctor" (April 1954)

0ur beautiful and impressive cover is a part of the great Reformation monument in Geneva, Switzerland.

Bible Instructor-Training Bible Instructor (March 1954)

Bible instructors as well as ministers are called of the Lord.

Mothering the Multitudes (Part III) (June 1956)

The Role of the Minister's Wife in Safeguarding the Mental Health of the Church

The Immutable Moral Law (May 1956)

A sermonette from the Christian Economics.

The Year of the Sabbath (May 1956)

Simeon Stylites' contributes to the Christian Century

Mothering the Multitudes (Part II) (May 1956)

The Role of a Minister's Wife in Safeguarding the Mental Health of the Church

Research-Report on the Eleventh Chapter of Daniel (March 1954)

The study group appointed by the Committee on Biblical Study and Research to give study to Daniel 11 gave careful consideration to a number of manuscripts placed in their hands by its chairman.

Mothering the Multitudes (April 1956)

The Role of a Minister's Wife in Safeguarding the of the Church

Another Missionary's Letter (January 1956)

India's call for Bible in­structors found a response on the part of her native women now in training. But India is still pleading for trained women to lead out in training many more for her thousands of cities, towns, and villages. Can you be of help?

From a Missionary's Letter (January 1956)

Thinking about the salary and allowances paid to a missionary.

The Pastor's Throne (November 1957)

The most sacred spot in the world is the pulpit.

America Welcomes the "Mayflower II" (August 1957)

The Modern Replica of the Historic Pilgrim Ship Completed Her 5,000-Mile Voyage in 54 Days

Plymouth, "America's Home Town" (August 1957)

Then...And now...A pictorial history

The "Mayflower II" Recalls the Pilgrim Story (August 1957)

Including excerpts from the Mayflower compact.

From All the World (December 1958)

The great need for unity around the world.

Bible Instructor-Conversion and Baptism of Children (January 1954)

Jesus took a special interest in the children, and every Bible instructor should also be interested in them.

Music-Music in the Small Campaign (January 1954)

Usually the pastor-evangelist has to depend on local talent for both his song leader and his special music.

Sayings of Sir James Baillie (September 1958)

Reflections on life and religion.

Pointers for Progress-The Pastor and the Baptismal Service (October 1954)

There is no more important event in the life of a Christian than when he is baptized into the body of Christ.
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