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B. L. Archbold

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Articles by B. L. Archbold

Evangelistic Effort in Mexico City (June 1968)

A look at the campaign in Mexico City

The Miracle of Evangelism (December 1973)

LAST year, 1972, the Holy Spirit ignited a spiritual evangelistic revolution in Inter-America. This fire was first kindled at Atlantic City when our division committee set a goal of 200,000 baptisms and a membership of 400,000 by 1975. . .

It Is Time to Finish Our Work (April 1973)

THOMAS CARLYLE, the English essayist and historian, once attended a New Year's Eve party at a home in Northern England. Late in the evening he became bored with the trite, idle talk and quietly slipped out into the dark night and walked to the seashore. . .
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